Products That I Used to Love

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Possibly one of my favourite things to do is go shopping. I love shopping even more when it is beauty and makeup. As a result of 6 years of this type of shopping it has meant that I have tried so many different products and fell in love with more as time goes on. In some ways I wish I had kept some of my first ever beauty and makeup products to see how far I have come, not only with looks but also the products!!

When I first started doing makeup I used to buy a lot from Beauty UK, MUA AND W7 so I have tried a range of products from them. 2 that I used to love was creme blush and a tea tree concealer from W7. To be perfectly honest I have no idea why I used to use creme blushers as I would also put them over powder, which makes no sense. However it was a pretty colour. The tea tree concealer was one of my holy grail products as I believed it would cover my spots but also help them go away. Obviously that wasn't the case, but I would recommend trying out W7 for dupes of high end makeup or if you are a beginner.

I went through a stage when I was about 13, when I pretty much bought everything from Rimmel. In fact 
I do still love Rimmel as a brand. When the wake me up foundation and concealer came out, I was using 
it all the time and everyday when I did my makeup. I still like the foundation however it has a slight 
glittery sheen too it which I'm not the biggest fan off, and the concealer is to dark for me...despite being 
the lightest shade. At the time I loved have 'spider' looking eyes, which is why I used to love the Rimmel scandal eyes mascara, as it gives a lot of volume and drama to the lashes.

It's only recently that I have gotten into taking care of my hair, so a few years ago I would use basic items. One that I used to love was the Alberto Balsom shampoo and conditioner as I could get it for £1, however it never used to make a difference which is why I decided to switch it up. Hairspray for me is like dry shampoo...I must have it at all times. For about 2 years I was using the Tresemme freezehold hairspray, and at the same time I was getting a dry scalp. I never linked the 2 together, but when I started brushing my hair out and I could see the hairspray falling out, I knew I had to change it up. 

This isn't me saying I hate any of these products, I have just fell in love with different
 products and have found things that work better for me and what I like.


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