Tips To Get Popular Blog Posts

Every single blogger that you will ever meet or every blog that you read will have their own individual styles of writing, photos and their overall aesthetic. This also means that everyone has specific posts that get more views than others. Mine are typically reviews or personal posts, as people get to see a new side of me and also get to see what other people think of products or even how they view the world and life.

This goes alongside my recent 'tips to grow your blog' post, where I express myself and small tips that I 
find helpful to get more views. Even though views and numbers aren't everything, when certain posts get 
start becoming more popular you get a sense of achievement and it boosts your self confidence. 

When doing blog posts you will often mention brands, products or people. More often than you realise!
One of my main suggestions would be to make sure you let that company or person aware that you have mentioned them. For example when I did a post on the Loreal pure clay face masks, I made sure to let Loreal know that I have done a review on their post. Even if it's as simple as mentioning them in a tweet! 

Something that a lot of people forget or don't realise the impact it has is social media. We live in a generation that has so much variety, which includes ways to access other people in the world. I really enjoy using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as they are simple and straight forward to use but gets the message across really easily. Every time I upload a new post I let people know on Facebook and Twitter (where I also pin it so it's at the top of my page). Instagram is a good platform if you like a visual representation of everything.

Even if you are a person who loves everything in black and white, colour is always key. If you click on a blog that has a white background, black text and black and white/grey scale photos, most likely you wont stay on that blog long. Where as if you click on a blog that incorporates colour in text and/or photos it makes it much more pleasing to the eye and is proven that the majority of people are attracted to brighter colours.


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