Organising for 2017

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 If any of you guys know me in person then you know how passionate I am for organising. No matter what it is I will find a way to organise it. Even to the extent where when my boyfriend goes in the shower I will organise the top of his drawers, make his bed and everything! So what better thing to do than to prepare for 2017. Obviously when it comes to the end of a year everyone sets goals and we want everything to be new and fresh for the next chapter in our lives. Why do we have to wait until next year? Why not start now?

There are many ways you can organise yourself but the main and most important is definetly having a planner. I have had a personal-planner for 2 years and I decided that I am going to try out the happiness planner for 2017. The personal-planner is very similar to the Erin Condren planner that a lot of people in America use, but it's a lot harder to find in the UK. As a result of having a planner that it completely personalised, it also meant that I purchased a lot of stickers from Etsy. Now a lot of you are probably thinking that I'm insane and there's no point, but I know some of you feel me!! Especially if you are a more visual person and enjoy looking at pretty things, the best place to get some stickers is definetly Etsy.

For this year I bought some check lists and payday stickers from a seller called DaisyDusterDesigns 
and more fun stickers such as nail polish, tv, popcorn etc. from a seller called CRGartdesign. 

I decided to purchase check lists so I could track down what I needed to do each day and pay stickers to know when I was getting extra money so I didn't fall behind and I knew if I wanted to buy anything I could. I also got balloon stickers to keep track of who's birthday was when. These are all great because you can get them in a vairety of colours which is really fun to be able to customise something as small as the colours.

Fun stickers are good to have if you like are more of a visual person. I like these, not for every activity or thing that has to be done, because when I open up my planner I don't want to see a bunch of words and no images, I want to be aesthetically pleased too. I like to be able to track appointments and tv shows by using stickers as it makes me look forward to getting them done and checked off my list.

When I contacted CRGartdesign and they said I could pick out 6 sheets of stickers to choose from I was over the moon. I picked out some books because I want to read more next year, baking because I want to do more cakes and cookies (but not too many!), bowling and take out cups for when I go out on dates with my boyfriend or meet up with my friends and candles because I thought it would be a new interesting way to track the seasons and the weather that England has! The bath and face mask stickers are my favourite because I love being able to make sure that I get enough time in my schedule to pamper myself at least once a week, and by having cute stickers next too it makes it all that more exciting. When you order you also get some sticker samples and a lovely handwritten note from the women behind the shop and her boyfriend who designs the amazing detailed stickers.

This generous couple have also given me a discount code for you guys to use to get 10% of 
your order up until December 18th. Use the code: LEAMAICARTER.


This post contains gifted items. See disclaimer page for more information.

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