Blogging On A Budget

When it comes to the world of blogging, you automatically assume that you have to have expensive equipment and products to feature, and if not then there is no point in having a blog or anything. Coming from me, blogging on a budget is really easy. There are limited amount of things that you need and a lot of thing to improve your blog can be found free or really cheap online. When I started blogging I had no idea you could do it all affordable, so I wanted to share that it is possible and a few tips and pointers on how to do so.

One of the main and most vital aspects of blogging is the photos. Not long after I started blogging I purchased a Canon 1200D camera and I loved it. However when I set it up to my studio lights, the settings have all changed and I haven't had a chance to sort it out. This has resulted in me using my iPhone. Truth be told...I think my iPhone is better than my big camera. Phones are great for taking photos, because its small and easy to hold, the majority of people will have one and you can edit it right then and there with apps. 

This isn't a necessity but it can help to improve you blog. My main suggestion with editing would be after you've taken photos on your phone, to also edit them on your phone. There are hundreds of free editing apps which are amazing for getting high quality pictures without having to spend a fortune on editing software and programs. If you like editing photos on a laptop, Pic Monkey is a way to achieve this easily for free. 

When setting up a blog you always want the layout to be eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. Blogger
and Wordpress both have free templates and layouts to use but if you Google free Blogger and
Wordpress templates, a bunch will appear. At the beginning I used a lot of free layouts as it was a great
 way to get a new and fun look without having to pay a lot of money when it isn't always necessary to do so.

This is something that I in particular was worried about. Not having expensive beauty products and items to feature, which meant that I thought nobody would read. Obviously this isn't the case with everyone because not one blog will be the same. The main thing I like to keep in mind and often tell people is that; blogging is a hobby not a job. You could have all high end beauty products and wear designer clothes but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be a successful blogger. Work with what you've got not others.


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