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I guess you could say that I have a love hate relationship with books. I love reading them and everything about books, but it takes me so long to pick up a book and read them. Despite this I thought I would do more of a lifestyle post today about books that I think everyone needs to read at some point in their life.

Of Mice and Men
Most of you reading this will probably wonder why I this everyone needs to read this book. Most people in the UK had to read this for English and most people hated it...including me. It wasn't until I watched the film that I fell in love with the story. I then re-read the book and fell even more in love with it. The reason I hated this book so much was most likely because I was being made to read it, which is why most people will hate it too. If you haven't read this or you read it in high school and hated it, I recommend that you give this another chance, as it has a beautiful love story between 2 friends. I also highly recommend watching the film.

Me Before You
This is the only book that I haven't actually finished reading yet. In fact I'm only on chapter 10. The reason
that I'm including this is because despite only just starting the book I already know it is a book that I love.
I do think this is because I have seen the film that was just recently made. This book is about 2 people who
fall in love, despite one being in a wheelchair. I'm not going give any spoilers but if you like books or films about love but also like films that have a unexpected ending, then I think you should 100% read/watch this.

I Am Malala
Pretty much all of the books I read are non-fiction as fictional books don't interest me as much. When someone recently said they bought this book because they were wanting to read more feminism based books, I thought I would give this a go. I have never read a book or a story that has made me feel this way. I originally thought that this book was just going to be about Malala's story of how she got shot by the Taliban. But it was so much more. It's not just the story of her tragedy, it's the story of her life and how she grew up in a lovely country then how it suddenly changed into a place nobody wanted to go, where nobody wanted to leave there homes. The main story and focus in this book is that she stands for all of girls rights but mainly educational rights. 

Elanor & Park
When ever I'm on holiday I always read a lot. I have all of Rainbow Rowells books, so I decided to take
Elanor and Park with me on holiday last year. This book has a beautiful love story between 2 teenagers,
but in some ways it's not a regular lovey dovey romantic relationship like any other. I actually loved reading
this book so much, that I stayed in the hotel room one day just to read this entire book.

The Fault in our Stars
I feel like most people by now would have already read this book because of how popular it was. If you don't know, John Green makes YouTube videos with his brother and has wrote several books, this being the most popular. This was the first out of 2 books of his to be made into a film. Describing the book makes it sound quite upsetting and sad, as it is a love story between 2 teenagers who have cancer. The reason I love this book is because it's not a cancer book, it's a book that has a cancer story in it. I would also recommend watching the film even if you haven't or don't plan on reading the book...make sure you have the tissues ready.

Share you top 5 favourite book recommendations in a comment down below.


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