Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection

When I heard that Tanya Burr was releasing new makeup products I immediately 
knew that I had to order them. 3:59pm Wednesday 29th June I was on the Feel Unique
website ready and waiting and I managed to get my hands on the 2 eye shadow palettes
and the 3 matte lip creams, but I had to go over to Superdrug to purchase the nail polishes.
Of course I ordered them on next day delivery so I could try them out straight away
and give you all a review. I did a full in depth review on Tanya's previous collection
which you can check out and read here and here.

Tanya released 2 eye shadow quads called Birthday Suit and Enchanted Dream, along with 3
 matte lip creams in the shades; Martha Moo, Rhubarb and Custard and Puppy Paws.
I purchased all these from the Feel Unique website with next day delivery. She also released
3 matte nail polishes in the shades; New Chapter, Piggy Blanket and Soft Pajamas. For
some reason when I purchased the other half of this collection from Feel Unique the 
nail polishes weren't available for me to buy so I had to order them from Superdrug. 

This collection is my favourite that Tanya has released. She named it Soft Luxe as it
is very muted subtle shades that she describes as romantic and neutral.

The eye shadow quads are beautiful neutral shades that are super creamy and smooth
whilst having great pigmentation. Birthday suit comes with a champagne highlight shade,
a beautiful light brown/beige lid shade, a beautiful gold shimmer and a matte brown.
Enchanted Dream comes with a champagne highlight shade, a light brown with gold
shimmer throughout it, a warm brown with slight sheen too it and a matte dark brown.
Out of the two palettes Birthday suit is my favourite as it is slightly more wearable.

 Birthday Suit

Enchanted Dream

When I ordered the lip creams I was slightly nervous as I didn't realise they were matte
at first and other matte lip products I haven't usually got along with. When I tried these I 
was surprised at how creamy they were without being too drying and thick on the lips.

Martha Moo is the darkest out of the 3 shades and is mid toned rose shade with a slight
hint of brown to neutralise it more. The middle shade is Rhubarb and Custard as it is a 
bright pink that will be great for the summer. The lightest of the 3 is Puppy Paws, which is a
light pink that is quite bright and will look great when worn at festivals.

When I have tried other matte lip products they have never smelt very appetizing
but these smell delicious and if these smell this nice and I want to eat them, then I'd
love to try and test out some of Tanya's baking.

Martha Moo - Rhubarb and Custard - Puppy Paws

I have only ever tried a few of Tanya's nail polishes which was before she reformulated 
and repackaged them, so I was very interested in trying these out especially since 
they are matte. There are 3 matte nail polishes in the shades Soft Pajamas which is a 
light grey with a lilac undertone,  New Chapter which is a light grey that reminds me of
being snuggled up in bed and the last shade is Piggy Bank which is a muted pink shade.

 New Chapter- Piggy Bank - Soft Pajamas

I can't describe my love for this collection and this is going to be featured in 
many blog posts to come this Summer!



  1. I've been thinking of getting some bits from the collection. I was going to just buy one of the lip products and one of the nails polishes, however after reading your review I may have to pick up the eyeshadow palettes too. I'm not sure which nail polish I want to try, maybe all three! xx


    1. Thank you! If you are more of a neutral makeup wearer than I would suggest birthday suit as it has more everyday wearable shades, and my favourite nail polish is piggy bank because it is the perfect amount of pink but I love new chapter too xx

  2. I loved the review! Thanks for the help; we are choosing what to buy and stumbled across your blog on our research. Thanks!

    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

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