Go To Work Outfits

Finding comfortable, cute and appropriate outfits for work is a lot difficult
than it looks. I am currently looking for a job, however I do have a work placement
which I have to do for my college course. Finding outfits was something I was 
really nervous about as I didn't want to be too over or under dressed but I wanted
 to be comfortable at the same time. I have finally found a variety of outfits that I
like wearing for work which I thought I would share to maybe help some of you out if
you are starting a job or if you are looking for any inspiration.


My go to cute outfit is a pair of thick black tights, an a-line skirt, long sleeve
black top and some faux snake skin skater shoes. I love this outfit because it is
cute but it is comfortable at the same time. I either wear a check monochrome skirt,
a black and white striped skirt or a suede camel skirt, to mix it up and give variety.

My comfortable outfit is a pair of high waisted leggings from River Island,
the skater shoes or a pair of converse and a top or jumper that covers
my bum. I love these types of outfits as being comfortable is more important
than looking cute and this gives ultimate comfort.

My last outfit is a mixture of both comfort and looking cute. I pair a simple
top with some cigarette trousers and my skater shoes again.
This is a good outfit if you want to look cute but don't want to wear a 
skirt and you want to be able to move around without feeling too restricted.

If you have any work outfit ideas, leave them in a comment below
to give other people some inspiration.


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