NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

NYX cosmetics has only recently came to the UK and when I heard that it was also
going to be at IMATS in London I knew that I had to pick up some things. If you have 
read my London haul then you will have seen some of the other bits I picked up from 
NYX. I wanted to try out some of their lip products as I had heard so many good things
about them and they have a wide variety of formulas, colours and finishes.

I picked up 3 of the soft matte lip creams as I don't have any matte lip products that
aren't lipsticks. I picked up the shades; Cannes, Tokyo and Antwerp. I got these 3 colours
as they are still nudes but aren't in the same colour family to each other so I could
get a different opinion and viewing on which colours worked better. 

When I finally had a chance to play with these I was super excited and high expectations.
They have a doe foot applicator which almost seems too fluffy to be able to be able to
pick up any of the product. If you have a very sensitive sense of smell then you wont like
these as they are quite perfumed and smell similar to muted nail polish remover.

The shade Cannes is the only shade that I have, that applies correctly and doesn't go 
patchy like the other shades. These are super easy to apply as they go on the lips as a
creamy formula which then dries matte. They don't take long to dry but when they do they
don't feel like typical matte lip products, as they are a lot thinner and easier to control.

Personally I wouldn't repurchase or purchase any more of these as I am not fully 
satisfied from my first experience, due to the smell, quality and pigmentation. If I were to
 buy any more of these it would be to try out a complete other shade such as a red or a
colour that really catches my eye, to test out if the formula is different that others.



  1. I'm surprised to hear you say you weren't overly satisfied with these as everyone seems to talk about them. I was going to get my hands on them but I maybe will go and swatch them in store now to see how I feel; I definitely don't want a product smelling like muted nail polish remover on my lips! Loved this post and your blog layout and photography is stunning<3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

    1. Thank you! I hope they're not all like it as I would love to really like them as they have some beautiful colours x

  2. Oh it sucks that you didn't like them much, I've yet to try them but they look so great in swatches!