Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free Mac Lipstick

When I heard that Caitlyn Jenner was collaborating with MAC to create a lipstick,
I immediately set a reminder in my phone and wrote down the launch date
in my diary. Unfortunately that date was the American launch date which meant
that I had to wait even longer. Thankfully it was launched over here on 12th May.

This lipstick which is called Finally Free has the same charitable aspects as the
Viva Glam family. The RRP (excluding the VAT) goes towards the transgender
community. I've never purchased a lipstick from MAC that has the charitable 
aspects behind it, but when I had a chance to buy a lipstick that I loved the look of 
that has a good cause too, it made it so much more worth it. 

The lipstick itself is a medium-dark nude that is a creme sheen which means it 
is a lot more moistursing than the matte formulas. I really enjoy this lipstick,
the colour and the meaning behind it and can't wait to wear it with more looks.

If you are interested in purchasing this then it can be found directly 
on the MAC website for £15.50.


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