Youtubers To Look Out For

The last 6 years I have been exploring the world of YouTube. I have come
across big and small youtubers that I love. As YouTube is such a large community
it is so difficult for everyone to get the credit that they are worth. So I have chose my 
top 5 smaller youtubers to share with you as I think there channels are going to
start growing and expanding very quickly!

I have been subscribed to Brogan since she first started her channel 4 years ago, and
she is one of my, if not, my favourite youtubers. I think the reason I love Brogan
so much is that she is so genuine and she lives a regular life and documents all in her
weekly vlogs. In her weekly vlogs she goes to events, shopping, flat hunting and she
isn't afraid to show you that she does cry and get down like we all do. I have also
had the pleasure of meeting Brogan once before and she is the exact same in person!

I don't remember how I came across Charlotte's channel but I think it was 
through a haul. The main reason I love Charlotte's channel is because I love
haul videos and she does a lot of them from affordable and accessible shops
that we can all buy from. I also like her channel because she does a lot of travelling
and documents it all for us all to see. So if you love travel vlogs and hauls
you definetly have to go and check Charlotte's channel out.

I think I also came across Meg from a makeup haul and I have loved her 
channel since. She also has M.E which isn't very talked about and it is very 
interesting to hear about and learn about from someone who has experienced
it first hand. She also has a really nice accent that is really soothing to listen to and
makes watching her videos even more fun!

I discovered Hannah from Gabby's (velvetgh0st) vlogs as they have recently 
became friends and have vlogged together. Hannah does videos that, I personally,
find good for a variety of beauty lovers as she does hauls, tutorials, get ready with me,
tags and tours such as her bedroom! Plus she has a vlog channel and she is hilarious.

I have a feeling that I also discovered Alice through a makeup haul video, but
after that I love her videos. She has recently started doing weekly vlogs
which I love watching on a Monday evening as she is another person who is 
genuine and lives a regular life. If she is upset or ill she stills finds a way to vlog
so that her audience don't go without a video.


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