Updated Evening Skincare Routine

If you read my morning skincare routine (which you all should!!) then you will know that this
is actually the second time I am writing this post because the day after I originally pre-wrote
this I changed up my skincare routine after reading Caroline Hirrons blog. I really enjoy
taking my makeup off and showing my skin some love at night so this is how I do so.

The first step is to cleanse which never used to be my favourite as it always used to drag
 and be quite a long lengthy process. To cleanse I either use the Liz Earle cleanse
and polish or the Boots botanics cleansing balm which I have done a review on which
you can read here. I love both of these products because they both thoroughly
remove my makeup without being super harsh for my skin type.

Caroline mentions in her blog about double cleansing which I never used to understand
as my first cleanser would do that. After reading her blog I decided to start to use the
 NSPA melting cleansing gel to remove any excess dirt and makeup of my skin
 that the first cleanser didn't do.

After I've cleansed I will wash my face with the Clean and clear spot treating
facial wash and I will also use that with the No7 cleansing brush which is similar
to the Clarasonic. I really enjoy using the brush because it really gets deep
into your skin without being too harsh and removes excess dirt.

To tone and refresh my face I like to use the Garnier softening toner to help soften
 and hydrate the skin. I like this toner in particular as it helps with dry and sensitive
skin, whilst also doing everything a toner should help do.

As I have quite dark under eye circles that tend to crease a lot when I have makeup
on I like to use an eye gel and eye cream. The eye gel I use is Boots own brand that helps
reduce puffiness whilst adding moisture to the eye. Then the eye cream I like to use is 
the NSPA youthful eye cream. This is targeted for more mature skin but I really
enjoy this cream as it is a lot thicker which adds a lot more hydration to the eye area.

Another thing that Caroline talks about on her blog is to use a facial serum or oil at
night. Since I use a serum in the morning I choose to use an oil at night. For
this I use the NSPA deep hydrating facial oil which adds an extra layer of
moister into the skin whilst also firming the skin at the same time.

We all get the occasional spot/pimple so to reduce the likelihood of getting those
I love to use a spot cream. My favourite is the clean and clear spot gel 
which works within 4 hours and also reduces the redness of the spot itself.

The last step is to moisturize and to do so I love to use the Aveeno daily moisturising
lotion as it is super moisturising without being super thick and heavy. After using
that I do use my perscripted cream from the doctors to help improve my skin.


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