Updated Morning Skincare Routine

This is actually the second time that I've wrote this post. I was debating to just upload the first
one I wrote because it was the morning skincare routine that I was using at the time, but the day
after I pre-wrote this post I decided to change my skincare routine, get more products
and make it really effective for my skin after reading Caroline Hirons blog. 
My first step is to cleanse and to do so I use a small amount of the Garnier micellar water.
This will help to remover any excess makeup or dirt that is sat on top of my skin
without being too harsh for using in the morning.

Then I use the NSPA brightening micro-detox exfoliate to get rid and reduce the
look of dry skin. I only use this  2-3 times a week as instructed but also
because I do have very sensitive skin and don't want to irritate it anymore.

For a toner I use the Lush tea tree toner on a cotton pad all over my face. Using
the same product I spray it over my face for some extra hydration.

I will then use an eye cream that isn't too thick to help relax and reduce the look of 
my dark circles, puffiness and any creasing if I apply makeup. I like this
eye cream from simple because it is lightweight, natural and gets the job done.
To do this I use the Simple soothing eye cream.

From reading Caroline's blog I decided to use a serum in the morning. I use the NSPA
radiant flash serum which illuminates the skin and works as a pick me up.

The last and most important step in any morning skincare routine is to moisturize.
My favourite moisturiser to use is the simple light moisturiser. This helps
to hydrate my skin with a blend of vitamins that helps keep moisture in your 
skin for up to 12 hours. I also love this one because it works for sensitive skin.


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