My Favourite Hair Care Routine Yet

Whether it is finding the right shampoo for me or trying to make my hair silky smooth, I've always
 had a challenge when it comes to my hair. I've gone through countless brands of shampoos and
 conditioners as well as oils and hair masks. It is only now that I have found the perfect hair 
care routine for me. For people like me who struggle with finding the right products I thought it would 
be a good idea to share my routine as it could help some other people who are struggling.

I don't do this step every time I wash my hair but about once a week I will apply Tresemme liquid
gold hair oil to the ends of my hair. I like to use this when my hair is dry as it works as an 
extra conditioner and helps to protect my hair. I try not to apply this to my roots as although I 
haven't washed my hair yet it can make it harder to wash and it to look slightly greasy.

The perfect shampoo that I have found is from Boots and it is from their own brand. I have 
tried a few from them and the one I found works best is the sensitive expert shampoo.
I like this one the best because it targets towards dry and itchy scalps, which means that it
is works better than most shampoos. I also use the matching conditioner which works
well but because it targets the same thing, it doesn't make your hair as soft as others do.

When I noticed they had a treatment in the same range I knew that I had to pick this up.
You apply this after you've used the conditioner or when your hair is damp, as
you don't have you don't have to wash this product off. This helps to reduce the dry
skin and the look of it and you can notice/feel a difference even after one wash.

One tip I have to maintain healthy hair is to avoid heat as much as possible. I don't ever
dry my hair unless it still really wet by the time I get to bed. If I do dry it then I make sure
to use a detangeler spray and a heat defense spray to avoid any extra heat damage.

The last thing that I will do is use the Tresemme hair oil again to give a smooth
glossy look to the hair and to make it look extra conditioned.


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