Beauty and Fashion Blogs You Must Read

I really love reading peoples blogs especially if they are beauty or fashion blogs. I am either watching
 YouTube videos or reading blog posts. As I love reading and following blogs so much so that I thought I would share some fellow blogger love and give them the praise that they all deserve.

AngeliqueCooper - Angelique is an American blogger who mainly posts about fashion and occasionally lifestyle. I particularly love Angelique's blog because although her posts are mainly catered towards the casual everyday look, not something you wouldn't feel comfortable in. Her style is laid back but can still be dressed up as she uses key pieces paired with basic items. Some people might also know her as she is Sawyer Hartman's girlfriend and she does also have a YouTube channel.  

BroganTateXO - I have been reading Brogans blog for around 4 years now. She again also has a YouTube channel which I have been subscribed to since she first started making videos. I love Brogans post because she writes in such an easy to read format that isn't super professional and fake feeling. Brogan is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who uploads a wide variety of posts.

ItsLittleLaurenLooks - Lauren is the most recent blogger that I have found. I actually found her Instagram first and when I realised that she had a blog I couldn't stop reading it. We have since become friends and will hopefully meet this year. She is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who posts such amazing quality reading that is super easy to read. I also like how Lauren is the same in her posts as she is when you talk to her. 

ALittleObsessed - I can't remember when I found Sabrina's blog but I absolutely love reading it. Sabrina mainly posts about makeup which is great for your beauty enthusiasts out there. I love her blog mainly because it is all about makeup but also because she doesn't just post about high end makeup she does a lot on drugstore products which is great for the everyday women. She also has a YouTube channel who posts videos that are similar to her blog posts.

LeanneLimWalker - Leanne is mainly known for her fashion YouTube channel but she does also have a blog. I found her blog not too long ago where she shows both her love for fashion but also for beauty. I love Leanne's blog because of her style of writing. When you read her posts it feels like she is talking directly to you and that she is one of your best friends. 


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