Preparation for Exam Results Day

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Exam results day in the UK is in just over 2 weeks and it can be super scary and stressful,
for all different reasons. The reasons can range from just being nervous about your results
but then it can expand to you thinking about your entire future.

I think the main thing that people need to remember is that you tried your best, and that
you will always want better results than you got, or someone got the results
that you wanted. I think we also need to remember is that someone will have got better
results than you but also that someone will have got worse results than you..
It's not the nicest thing to think but it can help prepare you for exam results day.

Something else that might help you on exam results day is to surround yourself with people
who are supporting of you. For me I will be with my mom and my nan but 
if your friends are super supportive then surround yourself with them. If you spend time
with negative people then their attitude and behavior will have a large
affect on you and bring you down. If you spend time with people who have a positive
attitude then that will most likely lead to you being happy and positive too.

I hope these tips and advice helped.


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