Puerto Rico Week 1

I've been back from my holiday for just over a week now! If you didn't
know I went to Peurto Rico in Gran Canaria for 2 weeks, with my mom, step dad
and my step sister. I wanted to share some photos with you from my trip,
as it's a great way to look back on memories and it is such a beautiful place.

We spent most of the days by the pool and went into the town for something
to eat and then for a drink of the night time. I was trying to get a cool picture of my 
hair as well as my outfit. If you were wondering the rock behind my is real
although it does look fake!

On the Wednesday we went to Amorades which has a beach that is in the town next to us.
It was super hot this day, and the water was so clear!

Puerto Rico is built inside of volcanic rock, and everything looks so small until
you are there where it is such a beautiful place with the contrast of the white buildings.

 On the Friday we went to another local town called Mogan, which has a massive market on.
It is known as the mini Venice because it has small lanes, shops and boutiques.
We had to catch a boat there, and on the way there beautiful landmark sites.

Of the night it got a colder, but not like it is back in England! This is the picture
of the moon from the Sunday I believe from the Horseshoe pub/bar we went to for
the first week, which has amazing entertainment!


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