Saturday Strength #3

These photos are not mine

Being gay has always been a controversial subject throughout the world. 
In my family it has always been accepted but also never really talked about, even though
I do have gay family members. 

I personally do not have a problem or issue with people being gay whether it's men or women.
Somebody's sexuality shouldn't define who they are. I don't think that if you are gay you should feel
like you should have to 'come out' and tell people that you are gay, when you don't have 
to tell people that you are straight. I also don't agree that when people find out that you are 
gay people ask if it is just a phase. It shouldn't matter to them if it is. 

If you think that you are gay then you shouldn't feel bad and insecure for that, it's who you were meant 
to be and nobody should make you feel worse for that. If you tell somebody who your true
self is and they don't like it then you know that they were never a true friend.

These are a few coming out videos that I have found emotional and might
help you if you are looking to come out to your family and friends. 


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