Wardrobe Must Haves

We can all get carried away when it comes to clothing. With all the unique and staple pieces, 
but sometimes we can get caught up with all of the prints and forget to buy simple
and basic items, which can be used is a variety of alternative ways.

I thought it would be a good idea to share what my wardrobe musthaves are.

T shirt dresses are a great essential to keep in your wardrobe because they are super light weight
and are a great piece to style. They can be worn on their own, with denim or leather
jackets with converse, or with a kimono and sandals on for a lunch with friends.

I think everyone should have most or all colours of plain t shirts in their wardrobe. I thought I 
would share just a light grey and white top, which can be worn with jeans and trainers,
or can dressed up with a pencil skirt and a pair of simple heels.

For me a checked shirt is a great piece to have because you can just put it on when you're in 
a rush and it can make your outfit more casual but also more put together, depending
on if you wear it or tie it around your waist.

A baseball t shirt is also a great piece to have because you can wear them over jeans or leggings,
or with a fitted pencil skirt or a pair of shorts for a casual chic look.

In my wardrobe I do only have a pair of blue and black jeans, but I am going to be getting 
some more as they are a great everyday piece to style. They can be worn with so
many things. I personally like to wear them more casual with basic t shirts and some 
vans but I also like to wear more chic tops with them for a more dressed up but still casual look.

I wanted to include two pairs of black and white shoes/trainers because as they are such
universal colours they can be styled with literally every outfit. Personally I like
as I find them the easiest to style and the most comfortable.


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