My Hair Care Routine

I have naturally a lot of fine, blonde dry hair. It is mainly dry and damaged due to the fact that I backcomb it and tease it a lot, which is one of the worst things that you can do to it. This routine is what I find helps to keep my hair in as much of a good condition as it can.

The first thing I do is use a detangling brush to comb out my hair and all of the knots and tangles in it. 
This one is from asda but I have also tried the tangle teezer one's and I would definitely recommend that. 
I was hesitant to by a detangling brush as it is plastic bristles and I didn't think it would do anything, but I was wrong - it works wonders. It doesn't knot my hair up even more than before and it glides so simply through without pulling or breaking my hair off.

The next step that I do before I wash my hair is apply the tresemme liquid gold hair oil. This can be used when your hair is dry before washing, when damp, or when styling to give a nice shine. I like to use this mainly when it is dry before washing as I find that it provides moisture to my hair whilst repairing and maintaining the ends of my hair so they don't break any more than what they have.

Just before I am about to wash my hair I apply conditioner, whilst it is still dry. I don't know why I do this but I find that it ha helped my hair more doing it this way than putting it on whilst it is wet after using shampoo. 
I usually switch out my conditioner but the one that I am currently using is the tresemme silky smooth conditioner, which I also purchased from asda.

I also switch out my shampoo, and I have just finished using the daddy-o purple shampoo from lush, so I have just started using the clairol 5 in 1 shampoo, which gently cleanses, softens, moisturizes, smells fresh and detangles your hair. This is the second or 3 bottle of this that I have and I will continue to reuse this as I find it works best for my hair and doesn't leave it feeling too heavy or greasy looking.

The next step I do is use a hair treatment. I wouldn't usually use this every time that I wash my hair, but I have been lately as my hair tends to get more dry in the hotter weather. I am currently using the tresemme thermal recovery hair treatment, which has intense repair and hydration. I have only used this a handful of times but I can already tell a difference with my hair. Sometimes after I have used this I will also take a small amount of the tresemme silky smooth conditioner again in the palm of my hair and just quickly run it through the ends of my hair to provide a extra lot of moisture. 

I personally do not use any heat on my hair and if I do it is either because my hair is super wet and it
won't dry in time for the morning, as I prefer to wash my hair at night, or if I want to straighten my hair slightly.

The detangler brush - £6.00
Tresemme liquid gold - £6.97
Tresemme silky smooth conditioner - £4.98
Clairol 5 in 1 shampoo - £5.00
Tresemme thermal recovery hair treatment - £4.98
These can all be found at


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