Secret Skincare Staple

Skincare items are one of my favourite things to buy. The amount of skincare
products could possibly been seen as quite excessive to other people. I have found 
product that does absolute wonders for my skin. This is sudocrem.

Sudocrem is that product that when you here the name of it you automatically think of mothers using it for their babies. However on the front of the tub it does say that it can be used for acne. My step-sister originally started using this and I thought it was so weird until I tried it. I apply this in patches all over my skin where I have active breakouts or acne scaring, and leave this for about 30 minutes to an hour, blend it in and then sometimes I do the same again afterwards.

My skin has cleared up so much since using this. It almost bleaches and whitens the skin, without leaving lighter patches of skin or be damaging and unhealthy for the skin itself. I have no idea how it works, and I don't know why I don't hear more people talking about this and it doesn't leave the skin feeling irritated or red at all. I would 110% recommend this to anybody who has active breakouts or acne scaring.

This is my personal experience and opinion and all skin types are different, so being said although this might work for my skin it might not work for you and your skin. However I would still recommend for people to try.


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