Behind The Scenes Of Blogging

Blogging is such a wonderful thing to do. It's a way to get you opinion and tips out into the world
about something that you love. However it's not just as simple as writing your opinion, taking 
a photo and uploading it to the internet, so I wanted to show you the behind the scenes
of what I do to create a blog post.

The first thing I do is use my Canon 1200D camera to take a photo of the desired product. 
I use natural lighting, which means that it can be quite hard due to glaring on products. Thankfully I 
have a blind so I can make sure that there is no glare on my product, but still looks nice
with the light. 

A tip for taking photos is to have a simple background. I just use my desk as it is white, so it's
not too crowded. Another tip is to invest in a good camera. You don't have to go out and spend
£400 on a camera like I did, but you can get some high quality camera for under £100.

Once I have taken the photos, I upload them to my laptop using the memory card as that is how I find
it easiest. I save them to my blogging folder and name them with the correct blog title name. 

 I would advise making a new photo album specifically for your blogging photos, as it is a simple way to
stay organised and know where all your blogging photos are.

After I make sure that the photos look how I want them too, I open up blogger and click compose and get ready to start a new post. I enter a title, and upload the photos that I want. 

A tip when adding photos is make the best one the first photo on the post as it is what is going to 
attract in the audience as it is the first thing that they see. If the photo is dark and blurry the reader
will click off and not want to read the rest of the post. 
Another tip regarding photos is to put them in the '"XL" size, as it be really large and eye catching to 
the reader, instead of having to squint and struggle to see what the photo is off.

Then I just simply write what I want to about the product or what the post is about. I find this can be
quite hard for me as I love to ramble and once I go of track it takes me a while to get back to 
my original point. However I do love the whole writing section, because it allows me to express
myself on something that I love and feel passionate about.

Nearly 100% of the time I will save it as a draft instead of uploading it there and then. I like to do this so that I am organised and planned. You don't have to do this but I would recommend having some drafts in case
you don't have chance to write a post that day or week, if you are busy or just simply don't want too on the day.

I have a planner in which I write down the days that I am going to upload a post and that specific post is
going to be. I find this helpful as it just allows me to stay organised and I know what I have to do on
what day.

On the days that I do upload a new blog post, I will copy the link and write a tweet letting my followers
know that I have uploaded a new post, and then I pin it to my wall so that it's there until I upload
a new post. This is good because it gets your blog recognized and attracts people to read you blog.

The last thing that I like to do is keep a list of my ideas for future posts. I highlight them green
once I have wrote them and put a star next to them once I have publicly uploaded them. 
This is great because it allows you to know what you have wrote, what has been uploaded and
ideas for future posts.

I hope you found this post helpful if you are getting into 
blogging or thinking of starting a blog.


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