What I Got For My Birthday

So I turned 16, 2 weeks ago on the 24th March, and I thought it would
be nice to share what I got with you, however I didn't want this to come across
as bragging about everything that I got, plus I love watching and reading about what
people got for their birthday's and for Christmas. A lot of these presents I did pick 
out as my mom let me choose, what I wanted when we went shopping.

As you get older you get less presents, but the presents you do receive are much more
special. The presents that I got for my birthday are from my nan, mom and dad except my
mom obviously picked the one's out from her and my dad. 

Becca shimmering skin pefector (moonstone) - mom and dad
Anastasia Beverly Hills dip-brow pomade (blonde) - mom and dad
16 mug - mom and dad
TGIF tumblr glass - nan
Chamilia bracelet and charms - mom, dad and nan
Pandora princess ring - mom and dad
Lush bath products - mom and dad

I did also get money from my Auntie, Uncle and Granddad and a voucher from my other
Auntie and Uncle. As I am now 16 my mom kindly bought me a scratch
card and a lottery ticket, which I sadly didn't not win on. I also thought it would be cute 
to share with you my birthday cake and balloons.


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