Getting Ready to Leave High School

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Over here in the UK when you are 16 you finish high school and are given the opportunity to stay on at school to do your A-Levels or go off to college to further your education on one specific course which you are interested in. I have personally chose to go to college and study health and social care as I am interested in working with young to adolescent children/teenagers, or working in a foster home.

However for me personally I am not going to the typical college that most people would go to. I am going to a new college that has opened up where I live that has between 4-5 classes I believe and in each class there is around 8-10 students in. This college is designed for people who want to go off to college and further their education but struggle being in larger more social environments. Some people I have spoke to think that this is an ideal place but others think that it would benefit me more if I went to the larger college in my area. When it comes to big situations like this then you need to chose what is best for you whether you are thinking in the moment or for in the future, it still has to be totally your decision.

I leave high school in just over 2 weeks and then I only have to come back for my exams. High school hasn't been the easiest of places for me which is why I am so thrilled to be leaving. However I am going to miss all of my wonderful teachers because if it wasn't for them then I wouldn't have managed to get through high school.
Leaving somewhere you have been going pretty much every day for the past 5 years can and will be difficult to do, as it has become part of a routine whether you notice it or not.

When you leave high school people often tell each other that they will stay in touch and make arrangements to meet up and see each other, however that often doesn't happen. Best friends, friends and even couples will slowly drift apart. It's part of high school, it's the memories that we will forever remember - for the good and for the bad, the ups and the downs. Some people will remember high school as being the best years of their lives, but some (like me) will be thrilled to leave so they can forget everything that they happened and further in their education and put the past in the past.

If you are reading this getting ready to leave high school then I wish you the best and hope that you achieve everything that you wish for. However if you are reading this getting ready to start high school or move up into a new year then the best advice that I would give you is to make the most of it, be friends with who you want to be friends with not people who are popular who you don't get along with, and to do the work whilst you can - if there's options to stay behind for an extra hour or miss 1 lunch time a week to get your work done or achieve a better grade then do so because when you leave you will regret not putting in those extra hours.

Good luck

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