Top 5 Natural Collection Lipsticks

Natural Collection lipsticks are one of favourite out of the brands that I have, I love them
that much that I have a collection of 22 lipsticks. They come in two formulas;
moisture shine and sheer shine.The moisture shine lipsticks are my favourite out of the
two as they give an opaque finish whilst being moisturizing and non-drying.

These lipsticks can be found at for £1.99 each, but as Natural Collection
nearly always have deals on you can pick up 3 for £5.  
My top 5 favourites are pretty much all in the same colour range, of pinks
except cedar which is a brown tone.

Rose Bud: This lipstick is a moisture shine that a pink/rose undertone in it. I think this would look most beautiful in the spring-summer time paired with a rosy blush.

Cranberry: This lipstick is a moisture shine, with a dark purple undertone to it. I think that this would look it's best paired with a natural eye look, in the autumn time due to the purple undertone to it.

Pink Mallow: This lipstick is again a moisture shine that has a pale-medium pink undertone, that would look beautiful as a transition lipstick colour from winter-spring or ever spring-summer, as it is the perfect pink shade.

Berry Sorbet: This lipstick is another moisture shine with a plum red/pink undertone. I think that this would look at it's most beautiful in the autumn as it has a gorgeous red tone to it.

Cedar: This lipstick is a moisture shine and is my most favourite out of all the Natural Collection lipsticks that I own. This is a light-medium tone to it that it very 90's inspired, and is a dupe for the Mac velvet teddy matte lipstick. I think this would look it's best paired with a neutral eye and contoured cheekbones.

I would recommend these lipsticks to anybody who is looking for a variety of opaque lipstick
shades, for a great affordable and easily accessible look.


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