The Love Ugly Foundation

This is a bonus post for this week and I have never written a post about something like this before so
I am quite nervous to see what you all think of it. I have literally just watched a video from Gracie Francessa
or Uglyfaceofbeauty on youtube, about her foundation/charity called The Love Ugly Foundation.
In this video she talks about how she has set up a foundation to raise £5,000 which means that she can then register as a charity. The money that she raises is targeted for high school students - adults struggling with mental health, eating disorders, self harm, depression, body image, confidence and so much more and how she wants to go around to schools and do classes talking about the subjects to spread awareness as nobody seems to talk about it out in the open, which if it is spoken about it could prevent and help so many people to be more confident and get the help that they deserve and that they need.

The reason that this touched me so much is because I know what it is like to be in that situation, well to be honest I still am. I genuinely think that if somebody had this much passion to do something this much and spread this much awareness when I started high school, it would have helped me out so much. I also think that talking to somebody who has been in the same place that you have and knows exactly what it is like is so much easier and more comforting to talk to as you know that they know how it feels instead of having somebody who is only educational trained in this aspect and hasn't been through the experiences themselves.

I would love to walk have the opportunity to work in a charity like this that targets teenagers and young children and is actually trying to achieve something out of this. If you would like to donate and help Gracie spread awareness then use the link below to donate a minimum of £5. If you haven't got any money to donate then that is ok, just spread the word and get it out there more people can get to know about this foundation to help spread awareness and help children. If you would like to watch the video of Gracie talking about this then I have linked the video, so you can watch her explain in much more detail than what I have and exactly what the foundation targets for young children-adults who are suffering.



  1. what happened to the charity?
    where did the money go?!

    1. I question Grace herself, and she gave all of the money back to those whom had donated as she was and still is working at a women's refuge and couldn't document what she was doing due to data protection x