Spring Beauty Essentials 2015

Spring has officially sprung, the flowers can bloom and the beauty gets more colour. Finding colours to incorporate into your fashion or makeup look is quite easy for spring as pastels and light colours 
look great with the majority of things. These are some of my beauty essentials that I will be using
this spring.

Botanics hydrating day cream - A day cream is needed year round but is definitely an essential in the spring. This brightens, protects and hydrates the skin and has SPF 15 which is great when going into the warmer months. As this brightens the skin it can be worn alone without wearing makeup as it makes the skin look rejuvenated and revitalized, or can be worn underneath makeup to help your base makeup look and apply on better. 

The Body Shop white musk fragrance - Finding a spring/summer fragrance is hard to find without it being too floral or too overpowering. This fragrance is described as a scent that includes; musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. Although it is described as having a lot of different scents going on, it is subtle but very complimentary. The eau de toilette provides a stronger scent and the mist provides a more subtle but musky scent. 

MUA shimmering highlighter - Spring is all about starting to get 'the glow'. You want people to look at you and think that you've got a natural glow from the sun. However that is quite hard to achieve unless you've been sitting in the sun for a long time, and in England we don't really tend to get that much sun. The MUA shimmering highlighter provides a natural glow that can be worn more sheer to get a subtle and not as intense glow or can be worn where is provides a very intense highlighting glow without it looking too overwhelming.

The Body Shop honey bronzer - Bronzers can be hard to find as a lot of them are too orange, red or grey toned and they don't look natural. This is the perfect shade for bronzer and it gives the look that you have been on holiday for a week and been naturally sunkissed without being too intense for spring. 

Natural Collection pink mallow moisture shine lipstick - Lipstick is a must have for spring as it is the most changeable makeup item. This lipstick is the perfect pink shade, without being too pink and it is the perfect mid-toned shade that can be worn sheer or more opaque, which can change up a look from day to night.


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