Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm Review

A cleansing balm has always been something that has interested me, mainly because I wanted 
to know how it removed your makeup and whether or not it is easier to use than a 
cleansing water such as the Garnier micellar water.
This one in specific is from the Boots Botanics range and was around £5. To remove your
makeup, you apply some of the balm to your face and use the muslin cloth that comes provided,
rinsed with warm water to massage this into your skin to remove all the makeup from your face.
I personally like to do this twice just in case I have missed any traces of makeup,
from the sides of my nose or around my hair line.

The reason that I know this removes my makeup better than the Garnier micellar water is 
because afterwards when I use a toner and there is no traces of excess makeup, but when I use
a cleansing water there are still some makeup that comes of on the cotton pad.

I am so happy that I found this cleansing balm in the drugstore because I had only heard of 
ones from the higher end of beauty, and I wasn't sure whether paying £20-£30 for a 
makeup remover would be worth it not, but I believe now it would be.

I 100% recommend this to anybody who is interested in trying a cleansing balm, 
and I believe this would work for any skin type as it isn't drying, isn't oily and doesn't contain
any artificial fragrances that could irritate sensitive skin.


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