March Favourites

I cannot believe that March has already been and gone. The majority of my favorites this month
has been the same as the past couple of months but I have managed to find
a few that are different.

Vaseline spray and go body lotion -  I have rediscovered this body lotion, after a few months of not using it. I think the reason I probably stopped using it was because I was being lazy, however this is so simple to use. This is my favourite scent out of the 3-4 that are available, plus cocoa butter smells delicious!

Tresemme platinum strength conditioner - I always found conditioner pointless, as I thought it was an extra step that never made a difference to my hair. However my opinion has changed, and I use conditioner every single time I wash my hair. I really like this one because it is targeted to repair up to 2 years worth of damage. Although I don't think it repairs 2 years worth of damage, I do think it repairs your hair more than a regular conditioner.

Colab extreme volume dry shampoo -  The only dry shampoo that I have really ever liked is from batiste, but I was intrigued when Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends realised her own line of dry shampoo. I think I love this one maybe the same or even more as the batiste dry shampoo. I have no idea why, maybe because it doesn't have as harsh of a white mark, or maybe even the non overwhelming but floral scent.

Mr Bean coffee scrub - I received this in the love me beauty box and I am so happy that I chose this because it is amazing. It has an extremely strong scent which might be off putting to some people, but besides from that it is does wonders for your skin. You apply it when in the bath or shower (shower is much easier and less messy), leave it for 5 minutes to dry and wash it off. After using this my skin has never felt so soft and smooth.

Detangler brush - Tangle teezer's are still all the rage, but some people think paying £11 for a brush is quite expensive. This brush is £6 from asda and is exactly the same. I absolutely love using this over a regular hairbrush because it so easy to use and it doesn't do any damage to your hair.

Botanics cleansing balm - I have always wanted a cleansing balm, mainly for the reason to see how they worked and whether or not they remove your makeup better than a cleansing water. This is one of my favorites because it does remove my makeup easier, faster and better than my garnier cleansing water and is now my new favourite way of removing my makeup.

Pretty little liars - I had previously watched the first season about 2-3 years ago, and got quite freaked out so I stopped watching. But I started watching again and this month is where I have go into it the most. I dipped in and out of the first season, watching it hear and there mainly because it was dragging but I really go into it at the begging of season 2 - so much that I have watched 4 seasons of it in just under 2 weeks, which I don't know whether to be ashamed or proud. Out of all of my favourites this month this is definitely the one of would 100% recommend.


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