My Pamper Routine

Everybody needs to pamper themselves at least once a week. I enjoy pampering
myself on Sundays and a day throughout the middle of the week.
 Pampering yourself gives you that 'you' time that is needed to feel less
stressed and to relax.

The first thing that I will do is use a bath bomb or some sort of exciting bath product. This is the Lush space girl bath ballistic, which has a lavender inspired scent that also has popping candy on the top! This is great for a pamper routine because it isn't too overwhelming that it is a sickly scent but is the perfect scent to make you feel pampered and relaxed. Once I am in the bath and after I have washed my hair I will use a deep hydrating hair mask. The that I use is the argan oil hydrating hair mask, which is extremely thick and nourishing and it leaves your hair feeling soft and replenished. 

I find that a face scrub is great to use on a pamper routine because it gets rid of all the dirt and things blocking up your pores and skin, which is great to eliminate when you want to feel clean and refreshed. Not only can this be used on your face but it can be used over your whole body. 

The one product that I have to use is a face mask. My favourite is the 3 minute clay mask from boots. It makes your skin look refreshed whilst it cleanses the skin. After I have used my hair mask I love to use the got2b styling oil as it gives the hair better manageability and a sleek shin without it being greasy.

You can not forget about moisturizing your body.  A lot of people forget about using body lotion because it takes a lot of time and can leave your body feeling sticky. My all time favourite body lotion is the Vaseline spray and go body moisture in cocoa radiant. This is so easy to use, non-greasy and I have gone through 3 of these already!! I find a lot of people forget about moisturizing your hands but considering the daily activities that we do using our hands, moisturizer is definitely needed. I enjoy using The Body Shop wild rose hand cream. This had SPF 15 and is thick enough so it moisturizes your hands but isn't too thick where it leaves your hands feeling gross and sticky.

Everybody needs a pamper. Don't forget to have some you time!


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  1. I know, they're so convenient. Love pamper days, have a great time! :) <3