What's In My Bag

This bag is the Zara Office City Bag with zip (I believe) in a medium toned grey, with gold hardware. I got this bag about 3 weeks before Christmas for £49.99, but if I am correct if you go to the Zara website then the bag is currently on sale for £29.99. I use this bag for school as it is most convenient as I like to keep my school and personal stuff separate.

The majority of my bag is non-school related and this is mainly because I don't have a lot of school work to do or to bring home as I manage to complete all of my work when I am at school. The items that are school related in my bag are; a maths revision booklet, my English book, Of Mice and Men revision book along with a copy of the actual book. Keys are obvious, as I need to get inside my house!! Wet wipes are also a must, as I get pen and marks all over my hands that I don't like being there, plus they are handy in case you spill something which you can then follow up with the tissues to dry up or to clear your nose!

Hand sanitizer and hand cream are a definite must as I like to keep my hands clean and moisturized and as far from being dry as possible! A mirror is essential to do small makeup touch ups or to see if you have something stuck in your teeth. To avoid bad breath I keep a giant pot of extra white chewing-gum in my bag. I have to admit straws is a bit of a weird thing to keep in your bag but I prefer to drink out of straws than not to.

Inside the small pink Sephora pouch I keep a USB cord, a portable phone charger and an extra set of headphones just in case. The clear makeup bag can be found in Superdrug and I use that to keep definite essentials such as; plasters, lip balm, a few makeup items, paracetamol and more. The small black notebook is mainly used for keeping notes or jotting stuff down that I randomly think of throughout the day. My planner is from personal-planner.co.uk  and I use that to keep my life in order and to stay organized. The black pencil case it to go along with that, as I have a colour code for my planner and like to have them with me.

There isn't actually that many random things that are in my bag, but what is in there are definite must haves!!


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