Personal-Planner Review

This planner is hands down the best planner I have ever seen never mind had! This is from and is super customisable. This is an A5 size which is the largest available and is a cost of £19.95.

The first thing that you can customize with this planner is both the front and back cover. I chose a picture of a road for the front and a quote for the back which I found both from tumblr. You can also chose from a range of 9 colours for the elastic that will hold your entire planner together.

The next thing that you can customize is the layout of your week-by-week view. There are 4 different layouts to to chose from, and you can choose whether or not you would like the days to be lined or plain along with a colour option. You get a range of about 25-40 different options for the banner along the top of your weeks, I chose a grey artsy looking banner as I thought that it went well with my front and back cover. They have 4 additional sections that you can add to your days, I chose to go for weather as I thought it would be a different thing to have and to record in a planner, but if you don't like the additional offers then you don't have to choose any. A fun option that is available is to add personal dates such as; birthdays and anniversary's and it will tell you how old the person is turning or what year for their anniversary is.

You get to choose 3 different modules for the bottom of your week-by-week overview. I chose to go with a; list, to-do and lined as I thought it would be the easiest way to stay organized. You can choose to have all the same modules or go for plain so you can write whatever you like.

The next section that you get to choose is split into 3 individual sections, and this is for what comes are your week-by-week view. I chose to go for an overview of 2015-2016 which you get 8 pages of, but there are 9 different options that are available to chose from. The next section that I chose was for an telephone and address book, which you get 10 pages of but you can chose from a wide variety including; colouring pages, Sudoku, sheets of music, maps and more. The last section that I chose was just lined paper to take notes or to write down blog post ideas with! You get 40 pages of this and can choose from 9 sections including; graph, lined, plain or squared paper and even options for if you are a teacher. The last section you can customize is the first page inside of the planner which is mainly used as an owner page for information and key details on where to contact you if the planner is found, but can also be chose to stay plain or as the example that they provide.

This planner includes some small individual details that I thought was really kind to include and is what makes this planner to different to others. One of these things was to include what day in the year it is for the individual specific day such as; 304 out of 365. Another thing that I think is really cute to include is small emojis for big holidays throughout the year such as; valentines day, Easter, mothers and fathers day, Halloween, Christmas and new years. At the top of each page it also includes what week in the year it is. Near the end of the planner there is a 'typo' page which includes a 10% of your next order for both you and a friend! It also comes with a detachable ruler that you can put wherever you want throughout the planner which you get to choose the colour of, along with a detachable clear wallet that can be used to hold planner essentials such as sticky notes!!

Overall I would give this planner a 10/10 for how customisable it is as there are so many different options to chose from and you don't have to use their own front and back covers although they do have options available to chose from. I originally found this website through watching countless videos on customisable planners, as I was originally interested in the Erin Condren Life Planner. However the only thing that you can customize with the Erin Condren life planner are the stickers which you have to pay extra for and you can only choose from  their options for front covers. Out of the two planners mentioned I would recommend the personal planner more as you can customize it to your own individual needs!


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