Eyebrows 101

Beauty UK Eyebrow Kit, Superdrug, £3.99
Natural Collection Clear Mascara, Boots, £1.99
Maybelline Brow Drama, Dark Blond, Boots, £4.99

Eyebrows are a key feature on a persons face. However they are possibly one of the hardest features to master and get just right. My top tip is "eyebrows are sisters, not twins". If your eyebrows look identical then they throw your whole face off. Another tip I like is that if you have light hair only go two shades darker than your hair, and if you have dark hair then go two shades lighter. I think this is essential as you see a lot of people with really dark eyebrows or really light eyebrows.

I've tried so many different eyebrow products and have found that kits are the best for me. I use the Beauty UK Eyebrow Kit that can be found in Superdrug for only £3.99. This comes with a light brown, dark brown and a black powder and a wax (as you can see I have all used!!). I use a simple eyebrow comb just to brush my eyebrows into place and then use a flat eyebrow brush with the lightest color throughout my whole eyebrow, in small strokes to create the look of eyebrow hairs. Sometimes if I want more dimension then I will take the dark brown and use that lightly on the end of my brow. Then I use the Natural Collection clear mascara that can be found in boots for only £1.99, followed by the Maybelline brow dram in dark blond on the beginning of my brow to make my natural eyebrow hairs stand out as I have seriously light eyebrows, this can be found in Boots for £4.99.

Overall my entire eyebrow routine costs a total of £11, it's easily accessible and only takes a maximum of 5 minutes. I think that this is such a simple routine to do and is great if you are a beginner and you don't have a lot of money to spend. 


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