Autumn Essentials

Yankee Candle, Ghostly Treats and Candy Corn samplers, £1.80

Maybelline Neon Baby Lips, £2.99 and Beauty UK eyebrow
Palette, superdrug £3

Hot Chocolate

Vintage Shop Checked Shirt, £10

Autumn is finally here and once again essentials are needed. These are just a few of my my must haves for these dreary days when being warm is our number 1 priority!!

These are a definite must have for autumn as they just make everything all warm and cosy. These two are for the Halloween season and they are; ghostly treats and candy corn from Yankee Candle. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of fire (I have a slight phobia) I get the sample candles that burn for 15 hours for only £1.80.

Eyebrows are a must for me all year round but definitely throughout the colder seasons as they pull your whole makeup look together (especially with a dark lip and messy looking hair!), this is the Beauty UK eyebrow palette that can be found in Superdrug. The Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Bomb is a great subtle but dark vampy color to wear if you are not to fond of going all out with a dark purple. However this being a neon collection, the colors are all wearable for this season and can also be found in Superdrug or online.

Hot Chocolate
Autumn is not complete without a hot chocolate being made. Make yourself a hot chocolate, grab a thick blanket and snuggle up by the fire with some festive candles, or if you don't have a fireplace like me then do so but with a fireplace video on your laptop!!!

Checked Shirts
These are really in this year and were worn a lot with shorts around the summer time, but are a great piece that you can use in the autumn too. This one is from a vintage shop in Birmingham that unfortunately is closing down, but was only £10. Checked shirts can be found in nearly all clothing shops for a range of prices from affordable to slightly more expensive. I personally love them for the pattern, the overall look that they give and the many ways that they can be styled.


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