50 Random Facts About Me

Here are 50 random facts about my personality, what I like and what I hate. 

1. I have 9 piercings
2. I have less than 1 year left at school :)
3. I don't have any full siblings
4. I don't own any color clothing
5. Black panthers are my favorite animal
6. I hate anything horror related
7. I think fish and eggs are disgusting 
8. My entire room is white
9. I've never seen the Titanic or Harry Potter
10. I cry so easily at films - especially The Last Song
11. I am 1/8 Irish
12. I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries
13. I don't play any instruments
14. I have a birth mark on my calf
15. This is how old I am
16. I want to work in social work or fashion
17. Costa is my life
18. I've only ever been abroad once
19. I don't like coffee
20. I have size 4 feet
21. I hate anything sport related
22. I love the autumn and winter
23. I've only been to starbucks once
24. I own way too much makeup
25. I used to only wear leggings
26. I'm about 5"4
27. TFIOS is my favorite book
28. I've never been to a proper concert
29. I really like rock music
30. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks
31. Instagram is my life
32. I'm an Aries
33. There are so many tattoos that I want
34.  Black, grey and white is all I wear
35. I have 1 niece
36. I don't watch any soaps
37. I really want a pet fish
38. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Shellby
39. I can't sleep with socks on
40. I don't own a single pair of heels
41. I have 2 half and 2 step siblings
42. My Mom and my Nan mean the world to me
43. I hate the shop "blacks" and the last time I went in I cried
44. I could go to Asda everyday 
45. I would love to have a fashion and beauty youtube channel
46. People think I have a strong accent
47. I hate swimming
48. I find a lot of older man quite attractive
49. I automatically know if somebody has been into my room
50. My junior school was on a TV advert once

Lea-Mai x

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