Quirky Decor Pieces

These are just a few of quirky but useful decor items that I love having in my room and thought it would be nice to show what they look like and how they make good decor items whilst being helpful and quirky!

White Frame with Quote

I think this is a really fun and different way to make your room look more interesting. Obviously you can put pictures in the frame but I think a quote is something you wouldn't see in everybody's room. This frame is from the range and the quote I typed up and printed it out on word, but is originally from a Cinderella Story.

Card Vase

This is both interesting and useful. It can be used as a decor piece alone, or with flowers. I personally think it is too big and not the right shape to hold flowers so I use it as a memory box and also put small items that I don't want to get lost. It is a lovely decor item but is also holds a lost of personal memories for you. This can be found at Asda in their homeware section.

Rabbit Ring Holder

Don't have anywhere cute to store your rings? This is perfect! I found this in Home Bargains and it is great if you have a good amount of rings but not too many. It's super cute and is a great help to keep all of your rings or even bracelets in a simple and organised place where you know where everything is.

Dog Head Lamp

This is by far my favorite decor piece in my room and I love the effect that it gives. This can also be found in Asda's homeware section and personally I think it looks great if you don't want a lot of items on your walls or if you don't have a bookcase because it can go on a night stand and is way better than having posters all along your walls!


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