P.Louise X Mikayla

When it was announced that Mikayla was collaborating with P.Louise I got way too excited! Finally one 
of her collaborations that's easily available in the UK. This launched Monday 20th November and I was 
ready at 7pm on the dot! Multiple tabs open and it still took me ordering on the website and TikTok shop 
to get my hands on everything (except the false eyelashes). Thankfully there were offers and bundles 
available in connection with their Black Friday sales, so I managed to save a lot of money! After trying a 
variety P.Louise's products and knowing how incredible Mikayla is, I knew this was going to be an 
amazing collection and it definitely didn't disappoint!

"I created a collection that is representative of me, my family and my life. It's been a year in the making 
and not only is it the most beautiful collection I've had the incredible opportunity to create, but it's also the 
most important project I've worked on. Welcome to my Winter Wonderland." - Mikayla Nogueira

The colour tone of this palette is exactly as Mikayla described. The marriage of the frost tones of the icy 
blues in November and the cosy teddy tones that you wrap up in the warmth with. This is a 50 pan XL 
palette, allowing you to have full creative control and create hundreds of beautiful looks and quickly 
become your go to palette. I purchased this with the Don't Mind if I do bundle, therefore getting the 
palette for free and only paying for the brush set.

Although I had seen photos and Mikayla's video introducing the collection, the packaging blew me away 
when it arrived. This has a frosted window with a silhouette of Mikayla and Cody, with icicles dripping 
down at the top which light up when the palette is opened. P.Louise is known for her incredible and 
innovative packaging and this doesn't disappoint. 

Each shade is incredibly pigmented and they all pack a punch, looking stunning on the eyes. These have 
minimal fall out and blend out effortlessly for ultimate control. This contains a mixture of mattes, satins, 
shimmers and pressed pigments. I love that despite how intimidating this palette looks at first, it's very 
versatile and wearable due to the range of shades. This is the star of the show for a reason! 

The cheek of it are one of P.Louise's best selling products so obviously Mikayla had to come out with her 
own shades. To fit with the winter wonderland theme she created 2 beautiful purple blushers; pretty pansy 
and very violet. Pretty pansy is a warm toned pansy lilac with notes of pink and purple and very violet 
is a medium vivid ultra violet lavender purple. Just like the rest of the liquid blushes these have a 
lightweight formula that pack a punch with pigment, with a removal sponge applicator for both personal 
and professional use whilst allowing you to have full control over the application. These are super 
pigmented, so a light hand is advised but are easily buildable and blend out on the skin effortlessly. 

After Mikayla was introduced to the liquid highlight that P.Louise had been working on for over 6 
months, she instantly fell in love and insisted on launching it immediately. They deemed her the perfect 
fit for launching and released 2 shades; forever frozen and eternal ice. Eternal ice is an enchanting eternal 
mint and forever frozen is a cool purple laced with blue reflects. These can be worn under your skin for an 
inner radiance glow or over the top of your base for a beautiful dazzle highlight. I was shocked at how 
iridescent these were as they are a new product, but they are incredible! I personally prefer to use these 
underneath my foundation for a 'glow from within' look, but I know how beautiful they would look on top 
of foundation also! This is also available as dazzling duo saving you £12. 

There is no such thing as too much bling. This buttery formula provides a blinding glow to the high points 
of your face for an ultra luminous finish! Mikayla created shade frosty fantasy which is an iridescent baby 
blue with a white blue shift and incredibly blinding when applied on any skin tone. I've been very 
unfortunate when it comes to getting my hands on the skin bling powder highlights in the past so I had 
no idea what to expect with this, but I can tell why they are always sold out. Although this has a blue shift 
and isn't a highlighter I would wear on a daily basis, it is truly breathtaking and is perfect for Winter. The 
formula is buttery smooth and applies evenly onto the face for a blinding glow. I cannot wait to try more 
of the highlighters and see if they live up to this! 

Mikayla wanted create a brush set containing the only brushes you'll ever need. Specially designed fibres 
that are engineered to perform and feel luscious. Containing 5 staple eye brushes and 5 essential face 
brushes to create your perfect look. I've had 1 set of brushes from P.Louise before so I knew these were 
going to incredible and I was correct. The brush hairs are unbelievably soft and puts all of my other 
brushes to shame! They are almost too soft and too pretty to use, but that means they apply makeup 
even more incredibly and basically do the work for you.

The packaging of this is something that I didn't except. The set contains 10 brushes and comes in a 2 
tiered box that gives the illusion of a story book, with a padlock and icicles that light up once opened! I 
have never experienced packaging like this and is something that I will be keeping and putting on display. 
 The brush set is available in a bundle with the to have and to hold eyeshadow palette for £60, getting the 
eyeshadow palette for free.

Overall I am blown away by this collection from the quality of the items themselves to the unique and 
breathtaking packaging. It is a true testament to how hard working both P.Louise and Mikayla are. 



  1. Those eyeshadow palettes are just so pretty! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Oooh these sound brilliant. I love the look of the liquid blushes in particular. I use a mineral blush atm but would love to try something a bit more dewy. I love the shade names of the palette too! So cute.


    1. I've never tried a mineral blush before, but liquid blushes are great for a dewy finish! x

  3. The colours in those palettes are soo vibrant and so you!


    1. Can't wait to have a proper play around with them x

  4. The palettes look amazing. I've heard a bit of mixed reviews about P Louise though, but it looks great.

    Corinne x

    1. I have recently, but I think that was down to a shipping company they use! Hopefully it's all sorted as their products are incredible x