8 things I'd go back and tell my younger self

My entire life I've felt more mature than my age. I've always been told I don't act my age and that I come 
across older. Whether that be because I have severe anxiety so the thought of rebelling and consequences 
terrified me, therefore the typical 'teenage' things I didn't do. I've always romanticised life and loved the 
idea of being independent. Even though I'm only 24 I do find myself wishing I could go back and take 
advantage of my late teens/early adulthood. There are things I'm starting to implement more into my life 
now whilst I am still young, but if I could go back and give my younger self advice this is what I'd say!

Being truly myself is something I've always been scared off. Scared off rejection, embarrassment, failure 
and judgement. This is still something that I am working on but i wish I could go back and tell myself to 
stop apologising for who you are and don't be so harsh on yourself. Everyone is different and unique and 
that's what makes them who they are. No 2 people are the same and that's what's beautiful. Although 
'fitting in' is the easier option, I don't want to be like everyone else and that is something that makes me 
who I am and I'm not apologising for it.

Don't be afraid to talk to people and get to know people. I'm not someone who is going up to random 
people in the street and making friends everyday, but even just a basic polite conversation with a stranger 
used to terrify me. Now when I go out, I'm not afraid to talk to people, get to know them and gain 
friendships and relationships. I love getting to know people, hearing their stories and what they enjoy 
and not being scared or afraid to talk to people is the only way to do so. 

Friendships are truly determined by quality over quantity. My mom always told me this growing up and it 
wasn't until recently I truly understood. I'd rather have 3 true friends than 30 fake ones who aren't honest 
and judge me for being myself. I've never been someone with a huge friendship group but those who I do 
have, I know are ones that I can count on and truly matter. 

Going hand in hand with not apologising for who I am, I always try and remember that you will be judged 
either way. Whether you do good or bad, wrong or right, every single thing that you do someone will 
judge you for it. Society has proven this over the last few years. Yes making good positive decisions are 
always the best option, even then someone won't be happy with that. There are always people watching 
and people waiting to bring you down. Being authentically yourself is all that matters. 

I was never the teenager who went behind her parents back, snook out the house and went drinking in the 
park. I didn't rebel or do anything that would or did get me in trouble. Although I don't necessarily regret 
this, part of me does wish that I said yes more often. I was too afraid of consequences that I never did 
anything worth talking about. I haven't got fun or interesting stories to tell my children or grandchildren. 
As the years go on I'm still scared of getting in trouble with higher authority but I've starting saying yes 
more and stop worrying about the small stuff and being spontaneous.



  1. I love this. Everything I could feel myself nodding along with. There's something so freeing about developing this type of attitude / feelings.


    1. Thank you! Truly found a new attitude with life x

  2. That is so true what you said about being judged, people will judge you either way so it's important to not care what people think. I love this way of thinking you have adopted lovely, well done you! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. I think that's the one thing I wish I realised sooner! No matter what, everything you do or say will be judged and/or twisted x

  3. I would go back and tell my younger self a lot of the same stuff. Mainly the stop worrying over silly stuff and just enjoy it all!


  4. Totally agree with the friendship part! I'm in my late 20's and I've got a handful of friends now compared to many when I was younger. I do prefer this now though as we all lead busy lives so it helps to see who matters and who are actually there for you than just someone to go out drinking with x

    1. Friendships have always been difficult, but it definitely shows with the ones that stick around! x