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This is a product only AD with Poster Store

Something you should know about me is I'm very house proud. I love my home and keeping it tidy and 
organised and love when other people acknowledge. I moved out December 2020 and have spent the last 
18 months turning my house into a home. There are still changes I want to make and add a lot of layering 
to my home, but the one thing that I am happy with is the posters I have especially my Poster Store prints.

Adding prints to your home brings it to life and adds both character and personality. I love changing the 
theme of prints depending on which room they're in. My bathroom has something prints as well as some 
nudity, my living room has some light quotes and my spare room is edgy black and white prints. 

Poster Store is the perfect way to update your home without doing a full renovation, which is great if you 
are a renter and can't make major changes to your home. Poster Store offer thousands of affordable art that 
is suitable for each and every room in your home, as well as the option to get them framed. If you are 
struggling to find your perfect selection of prints that flow nicely together, they have a gallery wall and 
shop Instagram option where you can buy pre-made prints to help achieve your perfect home.

In my spare room/office I had an odd shaped gap on my gallery wall that the disco balls poster*, filled 
perfectly. It tied in with the theme and finished off the wall exactly how I imagined. My hallway is one of 
my favourite parts of my home and when I saw the this is my story print* I knew I had to pick it up. I love 
the idea of a simple typewriter quote as you walk into my home, that represents me and who I am. I 
finished off with two simple quotes in the living room. I plan on redecorating soon and kept that in mind 
when choosing the mind poster* and balance poster*. I love the idea of having a calm zen living room and 
these prints help achieve that. 

Use my discount code 'LEAMAICARTER' for 45% off prints and 10% off frames, 
excluding selection posters, valid from June 27th  until July 4th 2022.

Do you have any prints from Poster Store?


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  1. I love these posters you have chosen from Poster Store! I updated my gallery wall with Poster Store a while back and I'm still in love with them today! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thank you lovely! I love how much variety they have x

  2. We're just getting round to doing the finishing touches in our house so will definitely have a look at Poster Store!
    Amy x

  3. I love poster store & I love what you've picked out. I think what you've selected conveys so much personality! X

    1. Thank you! I'm not one for showing a lot of family/friend photos in my home so showing my personality through art is perfect x

  4. I love Poster Store for new prints, they have so many lovely ones!

  5. I love the selection of prints you chose and the theme you went for, especially The Beatles!

    1. Thank you lovely! Love the black and white theme in my spare room x

  6. Love your blog hun

  7. Been dying to do a 'gallery wall' in my bedroom for the longest time. I love the posters you've chosen, I love the simplicity of them :-)

    Courtney x