Mini beauty haul

Although I don't buy as much makeup as I used too, I do still love a good beauty haul and have been 
known to go slightly overboard. Thankfully this haul I managed to keep myself in check and only 
purchased things I've had my eye on for a while or have caught my attention. There are a few more
 things I'm desperate to get hold of, mainly new ELF launches, but I'm hoping this should keep me 
entertained for a few weeks or until I cave and buy the others I'm lusting for! 

I'm excited to try the ELF power grip primer, after hearing amazing things about how it's a dupe for 
the Milk hydro grip primer, and loving the ELF jelly popping' primer I have high hopes for this. The 
is £29 cheaper. Despite these I'm most looking forward to the ELF cookies 'n' dream putty primer, as 
the putty primers are my all time favourite, and I hope this doesn't disappoint. The only thing I am 
disappointed with is the Maybelline fit me dewy and smooth foundation, as I ordered the lightest 
shade and it is way too orange for my complexion.

Have you picked up any new beauty items recently?



  1. I really want to try Collection Glow Filter Finish, especially as you said it's a dupe to the Charlotte Tilbury one! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. I'm really enjoying it so far! Recommend trying it out x

  2. What a great stash! I've not had a big beauty buy for a while! The revolution irl filter Foundation intrigues me. Shane about the fit me one, it does look dark conducting it's the lightest shade. Love the look of the brushes too! Mine are all about past their sell by dates I think. I could do with some more. Real techniques are usually my go to too, although I do have a couple of spectrum ones.

    1. I love a good beauty haul! Might have to pick up some lightening drops for the foundation as I'd love to try it out x

  3. This selection looks great and I love the colours in the eyeshadow palette!

    Corinne x

    1. Gorgeous everyday shades! Can't wait to have a proper play with it x

  4. I absolutely love ELF products, both primers sound great!
    Amy x

    1. Me too! I actually just picked up a few more products from ELF including the new Vitamin C putty primer x