Autumn book haul

I definitely shouldn't be writing this post, since I did a huge book haul a few months ago. But 
unfortunately I've fell down the rabbit hole and have bought a lot more books since. There are bound to 
be a few that I've missed but this is the majority of my purchases over the last few months. I understand 
that nobody needs this many books and it's absurd to buy this many, however it's something that makes 
me happy and that's all that really matters! I purchased a lot of my books from World of Books as they 
are heavily discounted as well as in supermarkets when they're on offer, however there are the odd few 
books that were purchased full price on Amazon and WhSmith.

My favourite genre of books are; young adult, contemporary and LGBTQ+ but I've wanted to branch 
out and explore others options. I've picked up a few more thrillers and mysteries which I'm looking 
forward to getting my hands on and diving into, especially with Halloween right around the corner. 

Cat Clarke is an author I own only 1 book from, but one that I'm always drawn to because of the covers. I 
wanted to build up my collection of her books so when I saw that World of Books had an offer on, that 
included some of her books on my Wishlist I snagged them up quickly! I'm looking forward to reading 
them but I do admire how beautiful they look on my bookshelf. I recently rewatched Gone Girl and 
decided it was about time that I picked up the book. I have a good feeling that this is going to be 10x 
better than the film, down to the amount of detail a book can contain, and since I already know the 
storyline I think this is going to be a relatively easy read. 

I've been looking at buying more books for the autumn season and stumbled across the Truly Devious 
series by Maureen Johnson. I've seen these all over Book-Tube and heard great things about them. Since 
they are still YA (young adult) I picked up the first 3 in the series. I'm excited to read these, not only for 
the mystery element but also to see if they live up to the hype! 

For what feels like years I've wanted to join a book club, but haven't found the right one for me. I recently 
met up with a friend (@mummyonthemend) and she mentioned how she was in; That Mama Club book 
club and how much she was enjoying it. I decided to message them, find out more and also join the 
WhatsApp group and I've been loving it. October's book was; lock every door by Riley Sager, which 
worked out perfectly because it's been on my Wishlist since hearing Booksandlala rave about it. 

This month I was looking at some YA witch books and came across the babysitters coven by Kate 
Williams. After falling in love with the covers and being intrigued by the storyline I decided to pick them 
up. They are perfect for this time of year and I think they are going to be the ideal gateway into other 
genres and sub-genres, which I'm looking forward to diving into. 

What's your latest book purchase?



  1. I haven't sat down and read in so long, but i feel like its somthinf to start doing again, thank you for the recommendations xx

  2. It is soooo easy to fall down a rabbit hole when it comes to books! You've picked up a great variety here. The Girl on the Train I read a few years ago, it's brilliant!

    Amy x
    The July Rose