Aldi skincare - dupes and is it worth it?

When it came to beauty and skincare, I never would've though of popping to my local Aldi. Since 
December Aldi has been my go for the weekly shop, so I am constantly browsing the iconic middle aisles 
and finding amazing gems. The downside with Aldi is that their 'middle aisle products' are constantly 
coming and going, which made me hesitant to write this post as the chances of them still being available 
are slim, but Aldi skincare as a whole needs to be talked about more as they need more hype!

Aldi recently released a watermelon gel moisturiser that was deemed a dupe for the Glow Recipe 
sleeping mask. This became viral online and in the beauty community with TikToks and news articles 
being written. I managed to pick this up within a few days of releasing and I'm glad I did. I also picked up 
some more dupes; the avocado under eye mask (dupe for the Glow Recipe avocado melt eye sleeping 
mask) and the pineapple face serum (dupe for the Glow Recipe pineapple-C bright serum), as well as 
the h20 overnight sleeping mask (dupe for the Laneige water sleeping mask) and the dewy lip balms 
(dupe for the Laneige lip glowy balms). Not only have they recently been putting out amazing dupes but 
they are also known for their Pixi and Elizabeth Arden dupes such as their glycol exfoliating tonic.

Each item I continue to try from Aldi gets better and I am constantly shocked with how high quality each 
is, with such an affordable price tag. It can often be worrying to try and test out affordable or 'cheap' 
skincare as there's the stigma surrounding it being poor quality and bad for your skin. I disagree with this. 
The majority of my skincare is from the 'affordable category' and have always worked well for me. 

There is yet a product to try from Aldi that I haven't enjoyed or loved using. My favourite is the 
watermelon gel moisturiser and avocado under eye mask. Both leave my skin feeling and looking 
amazing. If you haven't already I highly recommend going to your local Aldi and picking up some 
of their skincare for you to try. I 100% recommend. 

Have you tried Aldi skincare?



  1. I've not tried any of Aldi's skincare bits yet but there is a superstore due to open just down the road from me later in the year. I'll be first in there getting as much skincare as I can!