LGBTQ+ book recommendations

I haven't done as many LGTBQ+ or pride posts as I would've liked, considering June is pride month, but I 
still wanted to do what I can and share with you some amazing reads. I've mentioned a lot how I've been 
in a reading slump, for over a year now, and been really struggling getting back into it, however I still 
wanted to share these book recommendations with you if you are looking for a good LGBTQ+ read. There 
are so many options out there that it can be a bit overwhelming, so this is a combination of both books I 
love and books I still need to read! For more LGBTQ+ book recommendations check out Goodreads

Simon vs the Homo sapiens agenda meets clueless in this boy meets boy retelling of Grease. Will thinks 
he's found his happily ever after, whilst meeting Ollie on summer break. Coming to terms with never 
seeing each other again, Ollie's life is uprooted and moved across country, where he finds himself at his 
new school with Will. Will has no intention of chasing a closeted class clown who clearly isn't ready for a 
relationship, but he soon finds Ollie turning up in every part of his life. Summer love, happened so fast!

Coming to terms with being a mixed race gay teen, Mike is starting to find himself at university. 
Diving into the world of drag and having the opportunity to embrace himself as his most authentic 
version. Written in beautiful poet verses, Mike tackles racism and homophobia in all aspects of his life. 
On his journey from Mike to The Black Flamingo learning to be bold and free.

The story of Paul, a sophomore attending a school where the cheerleaders ride Harely's and the 
homecoming queen used to be a man called Daryl. When Paul meets Noah he thinks he's found the one, 
until he blows it. Despite the school betting 12-1 against him and Noah getting back together, he's not 
giving up hope. His best friends might be leaving and drifting apart and his ex boyfriend unfortunately not 
going anywhere, he isn't giving up. Sometimes everything needs to fall apart so it can properly fit together. 

Amanda is the new girl at school and is desperate to fit in, but she's hiding a huge secret and doesn't want 
to get too close to anyone. Then comes along Grant. Sweet, easygoing, caring Grant who Amanda can't 
help but let into her life. Spending more and more time together, she realises guarding her heart isn't an 
option anymore. She's terrified that Grant won't be able to see beyond her past. But what's the secret 
Amanda is keeping? At her old school, she used be Andrew.

An anthology of short stories by a variety of incredible authors. Each having a story to celebrate LGBTQ+ 
and pride. A thought-provoking, funny and emotional read. Stories from top YA authors and new talent, 
with each story being accompanied by an illustration from someone identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ 
community. Short stories from authors such as; Dean Atta, Alice Oseman, David Levithan, Kay Staples, 
Caroline Bird, Simon James Green, Frank Duffy and many more!

16 year old, not so openly gay, Simon prefers to save the drama for the school musicals, but when an 
email gets to the wrong person is secret is at risk. Simon is now being blackmailed at risk of his sexual 
identity becoming everyone's business, as well as the boy he's been emailing being compromised too. His 
emails with Blue, grow more flirtatious everyday and his school year has just got even more complicated. 
He needs to step out of his comfort zone before he's forced out.  

Happy Pride reading! 



  1. They all sound so good! I love that a lot of these would be good for teenagers. I hope they help young people feel proud and comfortable to be themselves.

    Corinne x

    1. Got the perfect target audience, but whilst appealing to all ages still x

  2. Well done you for sharing these books for pride month!

  3. I really love how diverse all forms of literature is becoming, and it's so good to see some YA books with really interesting, engaging LGBTQ+ stories! I'm currently reading a book that I had no idea was actually going to be an LGBTQ+ romance and it's so so good to have books like that!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  4. I love it books don't advertise as being LGTBQ+ as well because it makes it seem so much more accepted which it should be. They don't mark books as being heterosexual, so why should they anything else x