Relationships and dating during a pandemic

I speak a lot about sex and relationships, the struggles and realities of dating in a world of technology. 
Now it's time to factor in a pandemic and lockdown into that. For some relationships over the last 
year have become stronger, for others they've drifted away. Both have happened for a reason. Being 
in a relationship and dating are completely different and beyond what anyone could've imagined.

If you were already in a relationship when lockdown started then you will most likely find yourself 
in either of 2 situations; not able to see each other and spending all your time on FaceTime, or in 
lockdown together by living with one another or being in each others support bubbles, unable to see 
anyone else. Almost an all or nothing situation. There are pros and cons to both, but doing whatever's
 best for you is the most important. 

Trying to date during a pandemic is a complete different ball game. I was very recently single when the 
first lockdown started, and had never been on dating apps before, so thankfully I had no expectations. 
Instead of the usual talking stage then meeting and going on dates in person, we're stuck in the talking 
stage or if you're brave enough (I definitely wasn't) FaceTime dates are become incredibly popular. We 
were faced with several stages of lockdown, from complete isolation and everything closed to the rule of 
6 to support bubbles and coming full circle back to complete isolation.

For some of us, we turned dating into a relationship during a pandemic. That was the case for me. Over 
the years I'v learnt what's appropriate and what's not appropriate to talk about in regards to my relationship 
online. I like to keep as many things private as possible, but I like to be as open and honest as I can. Mine 
and my boyfriends relationship has been very fast paced, and we acknowledge that. We met at the end of 
September, when we were allowed too, and moved in together at the beginning of December, just 11 
weeks after meeting. I've never moved out of home or properly lived with someone before, and I always 
knew it was going to be difficult to adjust to living on your own as well as another persons lifestyle. 

When you get into a relationship with someone you usually get to go on new adventures, dates and be in 
the honeymoon phase, but with being unable to do that we are finding ourselves on top of each without 
any time for ourselves, doing the same things over and over again. It's important to try and spruce things 
up as much as you can, whilst still having time alone doing your own thing. Finding a balance can be hard, 
but it's incredibly important for both your relationship and mental health. 

Relationships and dating during a pandemic, is going to be hard and a challenge for everyone. 
Everybody's story and journey at the minute is going to be different, even if we are all in the same boat. 
That's what life is. It would be boring if we all experienced the same thing, had the same feelings and 
opinions as one another. Life isn't going to be perfect, and relationships definitely aren't. 

How have you found dating and relationships during a pandemic?



  1. I met my boyfriend during the pandemic and we went on a walk outside for our first date. Ours also moved pretty fast paced but we were speaking for ages on the phone etc before we met. If it feels right, it feels right!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Definitely agree! There's no right or wrong time for anything x

  2. This is so lovely to read! Your blog and socials are oozing happiness in a way I've never seen from you before and I am SO here for it! Just shows you, some positives can come out of a horrible time!


  3. Aww how amazing, I'm loving all these pandemic relationships! The first lockdown, both me and my partner weren't working so as lovely as it was spending all our time with eachother, after 3/4 months we were driving eachother up the wall lol. Lockdown 3, he's thankfully working and I'm still stuck at home but I do enjoy my own company x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. It can be so difficult, but once you find the balance it can help! x

  4. Mine and my husband's relationship has been great in the pandemic. Being at home more has meant more time to spend together and more time for sex too!! :)

    Kayleigh x

  5. I spent a lot of time on facetime during lockdown last year. It was strange not to spend time together as we are often at one another's houses all the time.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It's definitely an odd situation to be in, that nobody could've imagined x

  6. Aww this is lovely :) Mine and my partners relationship has been great during the pandemic/lockdown, he was furloughed for 11 and a half weeks during the first lockdown, then went back to work when the schools opened in theJune (he's a nursery teacher) so for us, he has worked as normal apart from those weeks he was furloughed, he has quite a few key worker and vulnerable children in his class so things are just normal, but it was lovely to have him home for so long, and it's nice at weekend just to chill out, snuggle and watch films/boxsets cause we can't go anywhere else xxxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

    1. I bet it was nice to get that balance. Having him at home, but not for too long x