What I read in 2020 and want to read in 2021

Over the last couple years, reading has become a big passion of mine. Reading 52 books in 2019 and 
doubling my goal I had high expectations for 2020. But along with the entire year, my reading goals didn't 
exactly go to plan. Although you would think that being at home more and having more free time, would 
make me want to read more. However that wasn't the case, and unfortunately was the complete opposite. 

Every year I set a Goodreads goal. Since I doubled my goal in 2019 I set my 2020 goal as 52 books. This 
was a high goal but I thought since I achieved it last year that it wouldn't be a problem. Well I fell into a 
pretty big slump and only managed 19 books. I shouldn't be disappointed because 19 books is still a 
decent amount and a lot of others would be proud to achieve that many.

This year I resorted back to 26 books, which is 1 book every 2 weeks. I think this is perfectly 
manageable and I'm really hoping I can achieve this and maybe even read more than that. You 
can stay updated with my progress and how I'm doing by following me on my Goodreads account!

Throughout the year I was 4229 pages across 19 books, which means that I only completed reading 
challenge by 37%. My shortest book of 2020 was 50 pages and my longest book was 406 pages, whilst my 
average rating was 3.8*. I read from 14 female authors, 3 male authors, 1 anonymous author and 1 mixed 
authors book. I read a lot of graphic novels as I fell into a deep reading slump and found these the easiest. 
My favourite book of 2020 was The black flamingo by Dean Atta and and I look forward to his new book 
coming out September this year!

What magic is this? - Holly Bourne
Bloom - Kevin Panetta
Hearstopper vol.3 - Alice Oseman
Daisy Jones and the six - Taylor Jenkins Reid
Pillow thoughts vol.1 - Courtney Peppernell
Messages from the stars - Sukanya Basu Mallik 
Only mostly devastated - Sophie Gonzales 
Wonderland - Juno Dawson
Greta's story - Greta Thunberg 
The black flamingo - Dean Atta
Nick and Charlie - Alice Oseman

How do you like me now - Holly Bourne
Solitaire - Alice Oseman 
Proud - Juno Dawson and others
Read with pride - Lucy Powrie
Clap when you land - Elizabeth Acevedo
No big deal - Bethany Rutter
Unpregnant - Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan

What are you reading goals for 2021?



  1. I actually haven't read any of those from your lists lovely but have read a couple of Holly Bournes and enjoyed them!
    Happy reading xx

    1. I have all of hers and have only read 1 so far! x

  2. I love setting a reading goal! It gives me that nudge to put down the phone and pick up a book, especially when Goodreads tells me I'm a book or two behind schedule! 😂 Adding a few of these to my list x

    Stef | steffaniebee.com

    1. Yes definitely! Shame I didn't think like that last year and get my goal completed x

  3. I haven't read for ages and I really need to dedicate some time to it!

    1. I recommend starting with smaller books and doing 1 hour before bed! x

  4. I really want to read Daisy Jones & The Six - heard great things about it!

    Kayleigh x

  5. I used to love reading and read so many books but I haven't read in ages since it became difficult because of my health, but I am going to try audio books and my daughter also said she would read a book out loud, she loves reading too. Hopefully in 2021 I will get to read something. I have recently bought the new Caroline Hirons skincare book so I'm starting with that to flick through xx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

    1. Think a lot of people are like that. Audio books are a blessing! I've heard great things about Caroline's book, you'll have to let me know how you get on with it x

  6. Lots of new books to research here, good luck with your reading goals for this year!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Hope you find something you like! Thanks lovely x

  7. I thought the same as you last year, that I would read so many books and then in the end didn't. You still reached a good number and it sounds like you read a wide variety too. Good luck with completing your goal this year.

  8. Wow you read soo many books in 2020, you're my hero!! I am going to read all of the Harry Potter books before Spring!


    1. Shame it's not more! Surprisingly I've never read them, or watched them either x

  9. Ooh such good lists! I definitely want to read more this year.

    Abbi | simplyabbi.com

    1. Thank you! It's so relaxing when you get to dive into a good book x

  10. These books all look great! I haven't actually read any of either lists but have checked them out :) xx

    1. Definitely recommend the ones I read last year! Some favourites in there x

  11. You did amazing to finish that many books anyway. I am sure you will smash reading in 2021. The Holly Bourne books do sound good I always see people talking and recommending them they might have to go on my wishlist as well xx

    1. Hoping to get my motivation back with it soon, really miss it x