Moving out during a global pandemic


Moving out is stressful enough but doing it whilst in a global pandemic is even more stressful. A lot of 
people have time to prepare for moving out, but that wasn't the case for us. We viewed our property on 
the Tuesday and was the first to hand in our application on the Wednesday. A week later and although 
we placed a holding fee we didn't 100% know if it was ours. Friday 4th December and we got the keys, 
ready for us to move in the following day. Everything has been pretty hectic ever since.

Our first stress was trying to get a moving van. We tried booking a van for the Saturday, in the hopes 
that we'd have the keys by then. In our luck we did, but unfortunately everywhere was either closed or 
too expensive. Thankfully Kacper's best friends have their own van service business (A&O Van Services
and lent us one of their vans for the weekend. The 2 hour round trip was definitely worth it. 

The packing itself wasn't as stressful as I thought. A family friend lent us some boxes for all the small 
items and the big furniture pieces were placed straight in the van. Kacper didn't have a lot to bring so we 
did that in his car, which made the journal so much easier. Our flat is on the second floor so both Kacper 
and my dad did have the struggle of bringing up all of the furniture, which I'm definitely not jealous off.

A month after moving in we are in Tier 4 so everything is closed. We're unable to go into shops and buy 
house bits, or have friends and family over. We are both very lucky and thankful to be in the position to 
have our flat, spend time together and be healthy whilst the world definitely isn't, but we've missed out on 
the exciting parts of moving. We managed to buy a fridge freezer and our sofa (even though it won't be 
here until the end of February), which was a huge weight lifted of our shoulders. 

Since everything is closed and we can't go out or have people round, I've found it even harder to adjust to 
moving out and living with someone. Kacper has lived on his own for 7 years and has had time to adjust 
to it all, however I haven't. I'm trying to stay as busy as possible and make the house a home as best as I 
can, but moving out during a pandemic is definitely a lot harder than I anticipated. 

Have any of you moved out during the pandemic?



  1. Wow you are braver than I am, I hate moving at the best of times. This sounds like it'll be a great set up for you tho, I can't wait to see your home posts!


    1. This is technically the first time I moved too! Thanks lovely x

  2. Hope you can enjoy your new home regardless, it's nice to have your own space especially with all this extra time at home!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Thank you lovely! It really is so nice to have your own space x

  3. Ahh congratulations on your new home, how exciting! Even if you did have to move in a pandemic...!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Thank you lovely! I know right. Just wish it was better times x

  4. I didn't move out as we already rented together, but me and my husband bought a house during the pandemic. It's good to have a place of our own but like you, I really wish I could have had family and friends come to visit! We've been here nearly 4 months already and it just feels a bit lonely that we can't share that with anyone. But one day! Congratulations on your new home! x
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Thank you lovely, and congratulations to you too! x