Gift guide - for him

Men are definitely the hardest people to buy for. Thankfully I only have my dad and boyfriend to buy 
for, but it's definitely a struggle. They either have it, don't want it or it costs a fortune. I am constantly 
browsing the internet for ideas that aren't the same gifts from the previous year. This year I've managed to 
get the gifts for the men in my life complete before anyone else's, which definitely came as a shock! 

The obvious gift for men, I think, is anything game related. Whether that be the a new games console such 
as the PS5 or XBOX series X. Those are a little out of budget for me, especially this year, so games are 
a better option. I usually pick up the new Forza Horizon or Call of Duty or preorder a new release. The 
buzz around Nintendo Switch's might have died down a little now, however they still make a great gift 
especially when paired with Animal Crossing or Mario Kart.

Other gifts to mention include; car perfume, 5 in 1 hammer, universal socket and a beer scratch poster.

Most men won't treat themselves to cologne, which makes for a perfect Christmas gift. Fragrance Direct 
have some amazing gift sets on offer currently such as; Paco Rabanne 1 million, Moschino Toy Boy and 
Ralph Lauren Polo red. If you're on a budget or are looking for more stocking stuffer gifts then Lynx also 
have some amazing gift sets, saving you a lot of money too! In regards to health and wellness gifts 
anything grooming related is perfect. From cordless hair clippers to a nail grooming kit

This year I've become more confident with certain gifts with clothing and accessories. A perfect gift for a 
man is definitely a wallet, however they are fussy. I picked up this Polo Ralph Lauren classic leather 
wallet as it's simple yet timeless. My dad likes Adidas gazelle's and wanted some more colours, so I 
picked up the black pair for him. M&M Direct is a great website to get top brands for a fraction of the 
price. Something that every man needs in his wardrobe is a nice shirt, and Fred Perry have some classic 
designs that will last for many years to come.

What are you buying for the men in your life?



  1. COlogne and books are usually my picks!

    1. I usually go for books with my dad but he only reads from 1 author and I've bought them him all now! x

  2. My god, boys are soooo hard to buy for! My fiance is so so hard to get good things for so this post is really going to help! Thank you!


    1. I know right! Really struggled with what to get my boyfriend this year x

  3. Guys are so hard to buy for! I also go for clothes x

    Joyce |

    1. They should start their Christmas list in June so we're prepared x

  4. I got my partner a grooming set a couple of years ago from No7. It was really nice and very classy, he loves it still to this day.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  5. What a lovely gift guide! |