What I want to do and achieve before I turn 30

 Reading this you may be thinking; "she's not even 22 yet, and she's already thinking about turning 30." 
No I've reached 21 I'm out of 'special birthdays', that is until I turn 30. Although struggling with mental 
health and never thinking I'd turn 21, the thought of turning 30 has always excited me and is something 
that I look forward to. I have 8 and a half years until that happens and so much can change for me. I have 
goals I'd like to achieve and things I'd like to do before then. After reading a similar post from Katie Floss
I was inspired to share my goals with you all, and see how they go over the years to come. 

- Have a baby
- Travel more
- Buy a house
- Go on a safari in Africa 
- Write a book
- Experiment with fashion
- Say yes more
- Come off anti-depressants
- Get into exercise 
- Get married 
- Go on my dream honeymoon
- Spend less money on materialistic items
- Decorate my dream house
- Be more confident within myself
- Make more sustainable changes



  1. I would both love and hate to go on a safari!! Thirty sounds like such a scary milestone but it's such a cool age! 30, flirty and thriving!

  2. Love this list!


  3. There are some great things on here. I have to say, I turned 30 last year and I haven't achieved half of those things, life doesn't always pan out the way you intend but then again I can't complain, I am fairly happy.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Thank you! I definitely agree, however I love to create lists and goals for things to strive for x