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When it comes to periods I'm no expert, by any means but since I've been more open on my blog I wanted 
to talk about them here. As a person with a uterus it's been no smooth sailing with periods so I wanted to 
do a q&a for those to ask whatever they have on their mind. I did a blog post a few weeks ago on period 
products for you and wanted to do this to go hand in hand with that! Although periods are normal, no 2 
periods will be the same, and everyone's experience and journey is different.

I haven't got my period yet, should I be worried?
Not at all. There is no 'correct' age to get your period. Although most girls will experience their first 
period between the ages of 10-15, you can start your period as early as age 8, and even later in life such 
as age 21. If you are having any concern it's always important to talk to your doctor about it. 

How do I know what size tampon to use?
Despite popular belief, the size of your tampon doesn't determine the size of your cervix or 'how big your 
vagina is'. The size of a tampon is measured by how much they can absorb. Small tampons are used for a 
lighter flow. When buying tampons, the box will always say the flow they are best to use with. 

What period product should I use?
There is no 'perfect' period product to use. What works for your friend, might not work for you. It is all 
down to personal preference, experience and your body. You should never feel embarrassed for what 
product you wish to use. Check out my blog post (here) to find our which you might want to use.

I want to try out a menstrual cup where should I get one?
Menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular and companies are realising how many people are 
actually using them. You can most likely buy them in your local chemist such as Boots, however I 
recommend checking out the Be You website and purchasing their menstrual cup starter kit* which 
includes their menstrual cup* and their foam cleanser* for easy cleaning.

How do I know what size menstrual cup I should use?
Before viewing the Be You website I had no idea that menstrual cups* come in different sizes. Although 
it makes sense it's something that never crossed my mind. Each companies sizing may vary, however Be 
You has an easy to read sizing chart to help you find out which is best for you.

My PMS is really bad, is there anything that can help?
PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is symptoms that you experience in the lead up to your period, and can 
cause a lot of discomfort, as well as pain during your period. There are very few products out there that 
are aimed at helping with PMS, however I recommend the Be You monthly patches*. These have a 
cooling sensation that when stuck on the body, eases pain for up to 12 hours.

Can I still have sex, even though I'm on my period?
Yes you can. It is purely down to personal preference as to whether you want to have sex on your period 
or not. There are many benefits that come along with doing so such as; relief from cramps, shorter cycle 
and more pleasure. Although your chances are lower, it is still possible to get pregnant during your period, 
so unless you are actively trying for a baby then it is important to use contraception.

How do I tell my mom I got my period?
Although getting your period can feel embarrassing it's so important to remember that it's not. It is 
perfectly naturally. Talking to your mom about your period may feel awkward however she can give you 
advice. She may already know before you realise! If you are uncomfortable telling her face to face, you 
can text her which takes out the awkward eye contact but remember she's there for you no matter what.

I'm nervous to try my menstrual cup, what do you recommend?
I too was nervous to try out a menstrual cup*, especially as I've only ever used sanitary towels. Menstrual 
cups, like all sanitary products, will come with information on how to use and Be You provides so much 
information on how to insert, use, clean, the benefits and so much more. I find it best to rinse under water 
to help lubricate it so it's easier to insert and squat, so that you pelvis is widened. It should always feel 
comfortable when inserted, if not then remove and insert again. I practiced using this before I got my 
cycle so that when it came to using it I knew what I was doing.

What happens if I get my period at my boyfriends house?
Periods are inevitable and can also be very sneaky and creep up on us at the wrong times. If you are at 
your boyfriends house, although you don't have to tell him I always find it best to be honest with him. Tell 
him that you got your period, and if you don't have any sanitary products there ask if he can go to the shop 
to pick some up for you or if there is any in his house (maybe his mom or sister has some). Often men can 
help in more ways than you think, especially if they care about you. If he is grossed out or makes you feel 
embarrassed then remember it's natural and try talking to him or seek advice about what to do from a 
family member or friend. Remember your period is nothing to be ashamed off. 

Is using a menstrual cup messy?
This is something that I was really nervous about, as I have heavier periods. A menstrual cup* is designed 
to seal itself against the vaginal walls to prevent leaking and mess. If there is any leaking then try inserting 
it differently or a different size. When removing the cup it's important to do at an angle so that blood 
doesn't spill. Instead of putting in a sanitary bin, this is reused so it takes experience to get used to it. If 
you are worried about changing/cleaning this when out, do so before you leave as this can be left in for up 
to 12 hours. This will minimise worrying and can be something that you forget about throughout the day. 


This is an product only AD in partnership with Be You. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I loved reading this, this is great advice x

  2. I've tried the menstrual cup and for a first time use, it wasn't so bad. I do want to give it a go again though as I feel like I could get used it in my home first.

    1. I'd definitely recommend trying it at home and getting used to it before your next cycle too x

  3. I am loving this style of content from you! I've still not used a mooncup but I am really interested in how it could benefit me! I don't like the idea of being able to feel it throughout the day!


    1. Thank you lovely! I'm the same, nothing worse than being uncomfortable x

  4. Such good advice! I remember getting mine and I thought I had a tummyache turned out it was cramps x

    Joyce |

    1. My first period story was your typical white shorts, not my finest moment x

  5. This was such a useful post for ladies that have just gotten their period or are about to!

    1. Thank you! I hope it helps people out there in that situation x

  6. Lots of questions here answered that I am sure many of us had once upon a time.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  7. Thank you. I'm glad you liked my post and found it useful x