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This is a product only AD with Enroush 

If you happen to a person who experiences periods, then you will know the struggle. Not just because 
of the period itself, what a bitch that is, but the struggle of finding the right sanitary products for you. 
There are hundreds of options out there for us to try that all claim to be the best. You have the basics 
of tampons and sanitary towels (pads) which are the most known, but recently menstrual cups have 
become more popular as well as reusable cotton pads. There are also new products such as period 
pants, which I find very interesting. Everyones body is different so it can be really intimidating trying 
to find something that fits your body, wants and needs as well as your period itself. 

I was recently gifted the Enroush combo set which includes 2 boxes of tampons (32 total) and 2 
boxes of panty liners (48 total). What most intrigued me about Enroush is that they are an organic 
brand, that uses 100% GOTS certified cotton to make their products. They believe nobody should 
have to sacrifice their health and wellbeing with the products that we buy. Enroush is hypoallergenic, 
bio-degradable, comfortable and breathable. They are free of rayon, polyester, fragrances, deodorants, 
artificial dyes and chlorine which are usually found in sanitary products.

- No unwanted harsh chemicals
- Doesn't affect your natural PH balance
- More comfortable to wear/use
- Better for the environment 
- Better for wildlife 
- No added plastic waste

I use panty liners at the beginning and end of period, as I tend to have heavier periods. Panty liners 
can be worn all throughout your cycle as well as when you're not on a cycle, to help with vaginal 
discharge. I've noticed that these are really comfortable and actually quite soft to wear. As they are so 
thin, they are perfect for keeping in your bag without taking up loads of space whilst on the go. Using 
organic products in general are a lot better for you and the environment, so using them for your 
period (which can be a hugely wasteful time of the month), makes a huge difference. I can't wait to 
use these more and discover more organic and eco-friendly sanitary and period products.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Enroush. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. These sound so good! I love a company with a good ethos! Rachael xx

  2. These sound great. You can see a lot of thought has gone into this brand which I like

  3. These sound so good! I’m trying my best to be as Eco-friendly as possible xx

  4. These sound fab, I love how companies are trying to become more ethical xx

    1. So many out there but never enough. More need to start! x

  5. prganic sanitary wear is a must! x

  6. I need to make a switch, might have to try these

  7. It is great to see more brands coming to the forefront with more eco-friendly products etc.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. These look fab! It’s definitely a struggle to find the products that work for you!

  9. The older I get, the more invested I am in stuff like this. I am a very sensitive soul so the natural pH balance thing really rings with me! Brilliant post!