Limited edition astrology Roccabox - Gifted

I'm so happy to finally be in possession of a limited edition astrology box from Roccabox. I've seen 
these all over my feed for the past few weeks and am so glad to have my own. I am an Aries which is 
a fire sign, we are endlessly passionate, dynamic and instinctive as well as being romantic, creative 
and adventurous. This box is jam-packed of items tailored towards a powerful fire sign. 

Roccabox is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you exclusive access to the latest and  
hottest beauty products right now. They are also one of the fastest growing monthly beauty 
boxes. They have been featured in Elle, Closer, Glamour and also offer limited edition boxes 
amongst their regular monthly box. Each box retails for £10 with only £3.96 delivery. There is 
the option to purchase a one off box to test it out and then a 3, 6 and 12 month bundle package.

Fire's box

"This rich toned palette features 12 highly pigmented velvety shades inspired by the magentas
and pinks of the dawn sky. Enriched with jojoba and coconut oil for a smooth silky texture."

"Create an ethereal glow with this coral highlighter. The cream formula that is illuminate with 
a subtle hint of glitter, glides onto the high points of the face for that naturally radiant finish."

"A 2 in 1 daily moisturiser and primer illuminated with gold extracts. The precious metal is 
known to stimulate skin cells and activate basal cells to increase the skin elasticity. Also enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and pearl powder to moisturise and hydrate the skin."

Mélusine Paris magic jade roller (Full size RRP £16.49)
"This is known as the dream stone. Jade is used to sooth the mind and body, by bringing peach and tranquility to it's user. This helps to reduce pores, darks circles, fine lines whilst boosting circulation and collagen product as well as leaving the face feeling smoother, tighter and more radiant."

"This is designed to provide serenity through skincare. The sheet mask is infused with geranium essential oils that are known for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression whilst the goji berries hydrate the skin. The mask also provides a multi-sensory therapy like experience."

*BONUS TREAT* Horlicks malted chocolate drink (500g RRP £12.99)
"Enriched with vitamins and minerals to create the perfect creamy comfort drink."

This box originally retails for a total price of £25 however the contents of the fire box is worth a total 
of £93.81 saving you a total of £64.85 (inc. delivery). You can also pick up the air, water and earth 
box with similar products, tailored to your element or whichever box you prefer. I'm most looking 
forward to using the eyeshadow palette and hydro cream and seeing what kind of look I can create.


This was gifted to me by Roccabox, however it is not sponsored, although I have worked with them in the past. See disclaimer page for more details.


  1. Some lovely products in this box

  2. There’s some gorgeous products in this box, I’m always intrigued by subscription boxes.

  3. Some gorgeous products in this! I love beauty subscription boxes! Rachael xx

  4. These look amazing! I use to love Beauty Boxes. Maybe I should set up a subscription again ❤️

    1. Best part of the month is when they arrive x

  5. I neeeeeeed a jade roller in my life x

  6. Some really great treats!

  7. I liked the concept behind this, I love astrology! :)
    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. So cool isn't it. Haven't see anything like it before x

  8. This box looks fab! They definitely seem to be very good value xx

  9. I saw this on your insta and had to do a stalk! I love Roccabox and this month's sounds like it's right up my street!